Cemetery Fees Review

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Cemetery Fees Review

A change to the way fees are charged when managing Marlborough’s cemeteries is proposed. Currently the costs towards the purchase of plots, interments and ongoing maintenance and management of the Council’s eight open cemeteries are 70% ratepayer funded with customers contributing 30% of costs.

It is proposed the split of costs between ratepayers and customers be shifted to 50% ratepayer funded and 50% user pays. The fee structure proposes district wide fees which mean that all cemeteries under the Council’s administration will incur the same fees. This will enable a consistent management approach to the Council’s cemetery facilities across Marlborough.

Providing Feedback

You can contact Linda Craighead or Grahame Smail at the Council on 03 520 7400 if you wish to talk with someone about the review.

The closing date for receiving feedback was 5 April 2019.