Dog Exercise (Off-Leash) Areas


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Dog Exercise (Off-Leash) Areas

You can exercise your dog off the leash in Dog Exercise Areas as long as you keep the dog under continuous supervision and control at all times.

Under control means that the dog is not causing a nuisance or danger and that the owner of the dog is able to obtain an immediate and desired response from the dog by use of a leash, voice commands, hand signals, whistles or other effective means.

You must have something with you to remove faeces. Dog faeces must be removed immediately and should be disposed of in bins. Failing to do so may result in a $300 fine.

Use the link below to see Dog Exercise Areas on a map for details of where dogs are allowed off-leash, on-leash and where dogs are prohibited.

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Name of public place Location/Access

All beaches with the exception of those areas specifically identified as Dog Prohibited Areas or Dog On-Leash areas

All river berms owned or administered by Council except those areas specifically identified as Dog Prohibited Areas or Dog On-Leash areas

Ching Park Endeavour Street, Blenheim
Dillons Point River Reserve Dillons Point Road, behind the Nelson Street roundabout, Blenheim
Harling Park and walkway to Elmwood Avenue, except the Japanese gardens where dogs are prohibited Howick Road, Blenheim
Marshall Place Reserve including the riverside area Marshall Place, Blenheim
Murphys Reserve Horne Place and Kingwell Drive, Blenheim
Fultons Creek Reserve Kingwell Drive, Blenheim
Henderson Street Reserve, except that dogs must be on lead in the area going past the children’s playground Henderson Street and Harakeke Place, Blenheim
Ōpaoa Walkway Reserve Access from Ching Park and Henderson Street Reserve, Blenheim

Sheps Park - only the area of the Park that is not fenced off and leased for grazing stock and only once the grave on the land has been fenced off and Council has given notice that the fencing has been completed. Until this time, the whole of Sheps Park will be a Dog Prohibited Area.
(Note: the balance of the park (ie; the fenced area leased for grazing stock) is a Dog Prohibited Area.)

Severne Street, Blenheim
Sutherland Stream Reserve - south of Whitehead Park to the Wither Hills Redwood Street carpark Brooklyn, Elisha and Glenhill Drives, Hospital and Wither Roads, Brilyn Crescent, and Redwood Street, Blenheim

Taylor River:

Along the true right bank (east side) of the Taylor River from the Taylor Dam to Meadowbank Road

Along the true right bank (east side) of the river from Meadowbank Road (the north boundary of Lot 1 DP 315222) to the Hutcheson Street Bridge, be a dog off-leash area

Along the true left bank (west side) of the river from Meadowbank Road to the Hutcheson Street Bridge

Along the true right bank (south side) of the river from the Sinclair Street Bridge to Stuart Street

Along the true left bank (north side) of the river, from the Hutcheson Street Bridge to the Alfred Street Bridge

Whitehead Park, except the croquet and bowls areas
(Note: dogs are prohibited in the croquet and bowls areas)

Brooklyn Drive, Blenheim

Picton, Waikawa and Koromiko

Auckland Street Reserve (excluding the skate park)
(Note: dogs are prohibited on the skate park)

Auckland and Scotland Streets, Wairau Road, and Heather Place, Picton
Beach Road Reserve Beach and Waikawa Roads, Picton

Bob's Bay Reserve on the formed track only
(Note: dogs are prohibited in the balance of the reserve)

Shelly Beach and Victoria Domain Loop Road, Picton
Endeavour Heights Reserve Ranui Street, Rohe Drive, & Glentui and Admiralty Places, Picton

Essons Valley Reservoir - formed tracks only
(Note: dogs are prohibited from the balance of the area)

Garden Terrace, Picton
Memorial Park except the park entrance where dogs are allowed on-leash walking through the war memorial to access the park Waikawa Road, Hampden Street, and the Picton to Waikawa Walkway, Picton
Moana View Reserve Moana View Terrace and Boons Valley Road, Picton
Rimu Terrace Reserve Rimu Terrace, Picton

Shelly Beach Reserve - the area north of the Queen Charlotte Yacht Club including the adjacent beach only
(Note: dogs are prohibited in the reserve south of the Queen Charlotte Yacht Club including on the adjacent beach.
Note: dogs are allowed on leash on the road leading to the Bob's Bay Track)

Access from Picton Marina entrance, Waikawa Road, Picton
Tirohanga Track - on the formed track only
(Note: dogs are prohibited in the balance of the land)
Newgate Street, Picton

Victoria Domain - formed tracks only except the designated mountain biking tracks
(Note: dogs are prohibited from the mountain bike tracks and the balance of the domain)

Surrey, Sussex and Leicester Streets, Waikawa Road, Shelly Beach and Picton Marina, Picton
Marlborough Sounds and Havelock
Hakahaka Bay Esplanade Reserve Port Underwood
Kaimiko Stream Reserve Okiwi Bay
Ruataniwha Place Reserve Okiwi Bay
Tirimoana Reserve Tirimoana, Anakiwa
Lions Reserve Hawkesbury Road, Renwick
Simonsen Reserve Malthouse Road, off State Highway 1, Riverlands
Seddon, Ward and Awatere Valley
Blairich Reserve Awatere Valley Road, Awatere Valley
Flemings Road Esplanade Reserve Seaview Road, Seddon
Ward Beach Reserve Ward Beach Road, Ward
Wairau River banks and bed downstream of the confluence with the Waihopai River
Wairau Valley Recreation Ground including the golf course
  • Renwick Dog Park

    The Renwick Dog Park is located on the corner of Foxs Island Road (off SH 6).