Dog On-Leash Areas


Marlborough is at Orange

Marlborough is at Orange level of the Covid-19 Protection Framework (the traffic light system).

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Dog On-Leash Areas

Family dog on leash.

Dogs are allowed in the following areas, provided they are kept under continuous control by means of a leash which is secured or held by a person physically capable of restraining the dog so that the dog cannot break loose.

District Wide

Note: At any children’s playground dogs must be 3 metres away from the outside edge safety surfacing (external to the playground) irrespective of the area being a dog on leash area. Where this is not physically possible dogs must be on-leash on the formed pathway or footpath (except in dog prohibited playgrounds).

The following table identifies areas of the Marlborough District where dogs are allowed on-leash. The maps should be viewed in order to determine the exact location of restrictions.

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Dog On-Leash Areas – Blenheim

Name of Public Place


Athletic Park

In the arboretum area south west of the oval and on the formed pathway when taking a direct route solely to access the Taylor riverbank from Brewer and Stratford Streets.

Note: dogs are prohibited on the grounds that surround the enclosed oval.

Brewer Street and Stratford Street.

Ballinger Park

Ballinger Drive

Blackmore Reserve grassed area

Note: dogs are prohibited from the southern end

Blackmore Place

Blenheim Central Business District including the Quays:

Brian Soper Reserve

Taylor Pass Road, Maeburn Street and Turnbull Drive

Burleigh Park

Burleigh Road

Camborne Green

Camborne Street Link and eastern end of Camborne Street.

Tremorne Avenue

Cedar Grove Reserve

Cedar Grove, Manatu Place and Faulkland Drive

Clearwater Place Reserve

Clearwater Place

Dalton Reserve

Elizabeth Street

Eltham Road Reserve (Girl Guide Hut site)

Eltham Road

Elmwood Avenue Reserve

Elmwood Avenue

Eric Young Reserve

Robalan Place and Westhaven Place

Faulkland Drive Reserve

Faulkland Drive (opposite Rata Place)

George Powell Reserve

Regent Place and Fyffe Street

George Young Reserve

Harwood Place and Elmwood Avenue

Glenhill Heights Reserve

Kim Crescent and Elisha Drive

Henderson Street Reserve

Except that dogs may be off-leash past the children’s playground and over the stop bank to the Ōpaoa River Walkway.

Henderson Street

Hitaua Place Reserve

Hitaua Place and Harakeke Place

Holdaway Street ReserveHoldaway Street and Merlot Place
Kensington ReserveWindsor Close and Kensington Place
Leafmere ReserveWither Road and Hope Drive
Manor Place ReserveRedwood Street (opposite Nikau Drive)
Marlborough Ridge ReserveMarlborough Ridge Reserve
McKendry ParkOrchard Lane and Aston Street
Morrington Terrace ReserveMarlborough Ridge Reserve
Omaka ReserveLancaster Avenue
Pollard Park, Churchill Glade and Waterlea Gardens
Note: dogs are prohibited from the Baden Powell corner grassed area, BBQ picnic areas and the children’s playground.
Parker Street
Rata ParkTaylor Pass and Wither Road
Rema ReserveHope Drive and Lester Place
Rose Manor ReserveRembrandt Drive
Rutledge ReserveRutledge Drive and Magnolia Drive
Snowden Crescent ReserveSnowden Crescent
Springlands GreenMiddle Renwick and Battys Roads
Sutherland Stream

Between Hospital Road and Alabama Road alongside the eastern boundary of Rewi Murray Polo Park and Whitehead Park.

Note: dogs are allowed off-leash between Hospital Road and the Wither Hills Redwood Street car park.
Alabama Road, Brooklyn Drive and Hospital Road
Taylor River and Riverside Park: Along the true right bank of the river (Blenheim town centre side), from the Henry Street Bridge to the Sinclair Street rail bridge; and Along the true left bank of the river from the Alfred Street Bridge (Leeds Quay) to the Sinclair Street rail bridge. Note: dogs are allowed off-leash along the true right bank (Blenheim town centre side) of the Taylor River from the Taylor Dam to the Henry Street Bridge. Note: dogs are allowed off-leash from the Sinclair Street rail bridge (Blenheim town centre side) to Stuart Street. Note: dogs are allowed off-leash along the true left bank (west side) of the Taylor River from Meadow Bank Road to the Alfred Street Bridge. Note: dogs are allowed off-leash from the Sinclair Street rail bridge (west side) to the formed pathway that connects to Snowden Crescent. Taylor Pass Road, Meadowbank Road, Turnbull Drive, George Conroy Drive, Wither Road, Rosina Corlett Lane, Richardson Avenue, Spitfire Drive, New Renwick Road, Burleigh Road, Leitrim Street, Rogers Street, Brewer Street, Stratford Street, Monro Street, Purkiss Street, Brook Street, Boyce Street, Beaver Road, White Street, Henry Street, Hutcheson Street ,Nelson Street, Stuart Street, Opawa Street, Auckland Street, Park Terrace, Snowden Crescent, Horton Street, High Street, Symon Street, John Street, Seymour Street, Sinclair Street, Leeds Quay and Alfred Street
Taylor Dam
Including the forest area south of the locked gates.
Taylor Pass Road
Whitehead Park Note: dogs are prohibited from the sports fields (being croquet and bowling greens) and on-leash for the balance of the park and on the formed pathway on the eastern boundary and to access Sutherland Stream walkway. Brooklyn Drive
Yee ReserveHutcheson Street over the road from Lansdowne Park

Dog On-Leash Areas - Picton, Waikawa and Koromiko

Name of Public Place


Bob’s Bay Reserve

Beach and Waikawa Roads

Memorial Park Entranceway

On the formed pathway only and a direct route through must be taken.

Note: dogs are prohibited from the grassed area.

Waikawa Road and Picton Marina

Nelson Square

Nelson Square

Picton Central Business District, Town Basin and Fisherman’s Reserve - includes car parks

Multiple access points including Picton Marina (Coathanger Bridge), Waikawa Road and surrounding streets

Queen Charlotte Drive Lookout

Only on the formed pathway.

Queen Charlotte Drive

Scotland Street Reserve

Scotland Street

Shelly Beach Reserve

On the beach and on the formed road to access to the Bob’s Bay Track.

Note: dogs are prohibited on the grassed picnic area at Shelly Beach

Access from Picton Marina entrance, Waikawa Road

Victoria Domain Reserves

On roadways and formed walking tracks, shared walking and biking tracks.

Note: dogs are prohibited from the mountain bike tracks and the balance of the domain.

Note: dogs are allowed off-leash on the lower Picton to Waikawa track (but not on Endeavour Park).

Surrey Street, Sussex Street, Waikawa Road, Leicester Street, Shelly Beach, Picton Marina, Snout Track and Bob’s Bay

Waikawa Bay Foreshore Reserve

Only to access jetties and boat launching facilities.

Note: dogs are prohibited in the grassed area, playground and adjacent beach.

Waikawa Road

Waikawa Stream Picnic Area

Waikawa and Boons Valley Roads

Dog On-Leash Areas - Marlborough Sounds and Havelock

Name of Public Place Location/Access
Bay of Many Coves ReserveArthurs Bay, Queen Charlotte Sound
Cissy Bay ReserveCissy Bay Road, Cissy Bay, Pelorus Sound

Double Bay Reserve

From Moetapu Road to the beach

Moetapu Road, Double Bay, Kenepuru Sound

Havelock Camping Ground

24 Inglis Street, Havelock

Havelock Quay Picnic Area

Havelock Quay, Havelock

Kenepuru Head Reserve

Kenepuru Road, Kenepuru Sound

Log Wharf Reserve

State Highway 6, Havelock (opposite Old Coach Road)

Maraetai Bay Esplanade Reserve

Maraetai Bay, Queen Charlotte Sound

Moetapu Bay Reserve

Moetapu Bay Road, Moetapu Bay, Mahau Sound

Motuweka/Havelock Pathway

Havelock Quay, Mahakipawa Road and Inglis Street, Havelock

Ohingaroa Bay Reserve

Kenepuru Road, Kenepuru Sound

Okiwi Bay Esplanade Reserves

Okiwi Bay, Croiselles Harbour

Sandy Bay Reserve

Sandy Bay, Kenepuru Sound

Tunnicliffe Reserve

Okiwi Bay, Croiselles Harbour

Waterfall Track


Whatanihi Bay Reserve

Whatanihi Bay, Mahau Sound

Whangataura Bay Esplanade Reserve

Whangataura Bay, Port Underwood

Whenuanui Bay Esplanade Reserve

Whenuanui Bay, Queen Charlotte Sound

Dog On-Leash Areas - Rai Valley

Name of Public Place


Alfred Stream Reserve

State Highway 6

Brown River Reserve

State Highway 6 and French Pass Road

Rai Stream Reserve

Bryants Road

Dog On-Leash Areas - Seddon, Ward and Awatere Valley

Name of Public Place


Fearon Reserve

Fearon Street, Seddon

Mills Street Reserve

State Highway 1, Seddon

Newcombe Street Berm

Newcombe Street and Marama Road, Seddon

Ward Domain

State Highway 1, Ward

Ward Beach

In the car park and on Ward Beach, north of the boat launching area to Chancet Rocks and south of the boat launching area to Needles Point.

Note: Dogs are allowed off-leash on the Ward Beach boat launching area

Note: Dogs are prohibited on the Ward Beach north beyond Chancet Rocks to Marfells Beach and south beyond Needles Point to the Marlborough District Council boundary.
Ward Beach Road

Dog On-Leash Areas - Spring Creek, Grovetown and Rapaura

Name of Public Place


Ferry Bridge Picnic Area

Wairau Bar Road and Bothams Bend Road, Spring Creek

Grovetown Lagoon Reserves

Steam Wharf Road, Grovetown

Grovetown Reserve

Vickerman Street, Grovetown

Kahikatea Reserve

State Highway 1, Spring Creek

Marlborough Equestrian Park

Bothams Bend, Spring Creek

Upper Spring Creek Lions Reserve

Rapaura Road, Spring Creek (the grassed area alongside Rapaura Road, beside Spring Creek from State Highway 1 to Spring Creek Camping Ground)

Dog On-Leash Areas - Wairau Valley

Name of Public Place


Wairau Valley Golf Course and Recreation Reserve

Morse Street, Wairau Valley Township

Wairau Valley Loop Track

State Highway 63, Church Lane, Keith Coleman Lane and Morse Street