Dog On-Leash Areas

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Dog On-Leash Areas

Family dog on leash.

Dogs are permitted in Dog On-Leash Areas but must be controlled on a leash.

You must take something with you to remove faeces. Dog faeces must be removed immediately and be disposed of in bins. Failing to do so may result in a $300 fine.

Use the link below to see Dog Exercise Areas on a map for details of where dogs are allowed off-leash, on-leash and where dogs are prohibited.

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Name of public place Location/Access
Ballinger Park Ballinger Drive, Blenheim
Burleigh Park Burleigh Road, Blenheim
Camborne Green, Camborne Street Link and eastern end of Camborne Street Tremorne Avenue, Blenheim
Cedar Grove Reserve Cedar Grove, Manatu Place and Faulkland Drive
Clearwater Place Reserve Clearwater Place, Blenheim
Covent Gardens Reserve Brandon Mews and Covent Gardens, Blenheim
Eltham Road Reserve (Girl Guide Hut site) Eltham Road, Blenheim
Elmwood Avenue Reserve Elmwood Avenue, Blenheim
Eric Young Reserve Robalan and Westhaven Places, Blenheim
Faulkland Drive Reserve Faulkland Drive, Blenheim (opposite Rata Place)

George Powell Reserve

Regent Place and Fyffe Street, Blenheim

George Young Reserve

Harwood Place and Elmwood Avenue, Blenheim

Glenhill Heights Reserve Kim Crescent and Elisha Drive, Blenheim
Harling Park Howick Road, Blenheim - dogs prohibited in the Japanese garden
Henderson Street Reserve - except that dogs may be off-leash past the children’s playground and over the stop bank to the Ōpaoa River Walkway Henderson Street and Harakeke Place, Blenheim
Hitaua Place Reserve Hitaua Place, Blenheim
Holdaway Street Reserve Holdaway Street and Merlot Place, Blenheim
Kotuka Trail Off Hardings Road
Leafmere Reserve Wither Road and Hope Drive, Blenheim
Manor Place Reserve Redwood Street, Blenheim (opposite Nikau Drive)
McKendry Park Orchard Lane and Aston Street, Blenheim
Morrington Terrace Reserve Weld Street, Blenheim

Pollard Park and Waterlea Gardens except the golf course
(Note: dogs are prohibited on the golf course)

Parker Street, Blenheim
Rata Park Taylor Pass and Wither Roads, Blenheim
Rema Reserve Hope Drive and Lester Place, Blenheim
Riverside Park from the Hutcheson Street Bridge to the confluence with the Ōpaoa River (north side) and from the Hutcheson Street Bridge to Stuart Street (south side) Stuart Street, Opawa Street, Auckland Street, Park Terrace, Snowden Crescent, Horton Street, Hutcheson Street, Sinclair Street, Leeds Quay, High Street, Symons Street and Alfred Street, Blenheim
Snowden Crescent Reserve Snowden Crescent, Blenheim
Springlands Green Middle Renwick and Battys Roads, Blenheim

Taylor River:

Along the true right bank (south side) of the river, from Hutcheson Street Bridge to the Sinclair Street Bridge

Along the true left bank (north side) of the river from the Alfred Street Bridge to the Ōpaoa Loop

Taylor Dam including the forest area south of the locked gates Taylor Pass Road, Blenheim
Picton, Waikawa and Koromiko

Picton Central Business District

Fishermans Reserve Walkway on the formed boardwalks from Waikawa Road to the foreshore carpark by the Coathanger Bridge and on to the water taxi wharves
(Note: dogs are prohibited in the balance of these areas)
Waikawa Road, Picton

Memorial Park Entrance - where dogs are allowed on-leash walking through the war memorial to access the park
(Note: dogs are allowed off-leash in the balance of the park)

Waikawa Road, Hampden Street, and the Picton to Waikawa Walkway, Picton
Parklands Reserve Tui Drive and Fantail Heights, Picton

Picton Foreshore Reserve on the paved pathway along the waterfront only and solely to access the ferry terminal and the water taxi jetties. A direct route must be taken and the dog and owner cannot stop within the Foreshore Reserve

London Quay, Picton
Scotland Street Reserve Scotland Street, Picton

Shelly Beach Reserve – the formed road leading to the Bob's Bay Track only
(Note: dogs are prohibited in the reserve south of the Queen Charlotte Yacht Club including on the adjacent beach
Note: dogs are allowed off-leash in the Reserve north of the Queen Charlotte Yacht Club including on the adjacent beach)

Access from Picton Marina entrance, Waikawa Road, Picton
Waikawa Foreshore Reserve - except the grassed area, the children’s playground and adjacent beach
(Note: dogs are prohibited in the grassed area, the children’s playground and adjacent beach)

Waikawa Stream Picnic Area

Waikawa and Boons Valley Roads, Picton
Marlborough Sounds and Havelock
Anakiwa Bush Reserve Tirimoana Terrace, Anakiwa, Queen Charlotte Sound
Bay of Many Coves Reserve Arthurs Bay, Queen Charlotte Sound
Cissy Bay Reserve Cissy Bay Road, Cissy Bay, Pelorus Sound
Double Bay Reserve from Moetapu Road to the beach Moetapu Road, Double Bay, Kenepuru Sound
Havelock Camping Ground 24 Inglis Street, Havelock

Havelock Cemetery Service Road
(Note: dogs are prohibited from the cemetery itself)

Slogan Street, Havelock
Havelock Quay Picnic Area Havelock Quay, Havelock
Havelock Waterfront Reserves from the Havelock Marina to the Havelock Cemetery Inglis Street, Havelock
Kenepuru Head Reserve Kenepuru Road, Kenepuru Sound
Log Wharf Reserve State Highway 6, Havelock (opposite Old Coach Road)
Maraetai Bay Esplanade Reserve Maraetai Bay, Queen Charlotte Sound
Moetapu Bay Reserve Moetapu Bay Road, Moetapu Bay, Mahau Sound
Ohingaroa Bay Reserve Kenepuru Road, Kenepuru Sound
Okiwi Bay Esplanade Reserves Okiwi Bay, Croisilles Harbour
Sandy Bay Reserve Sandy Bay, Kenepuru Sound
Tunnicliff Reserve Okiwi Bay, Croisilles Harbour
Waterfalls Walk Havelock
Whatanihi Bay Reserve Whatanihi Bay, Mahau Sound
Whangataura Bay Esplanade Reserve Whangataura Bay, Port Underwood
Whenuanui Bay Esplanade Reserve Whenuanui Bay, Queen Charlotte Sound
Rai Valley
Alfred Stream Reserve State Highway 6, Rai Valley
Browns River Reserve State Highway 6 and French Pass Road, Rai Valley
Rai Stream Reserve Bryants Road, Rai Valley
Kowhai Drive Reserve Kowhai Drive and Chante Crescent, Renwick
Rousehill Reserve Kirk Street and Rushleigh and Alison Crescents, Renwick
Seddon, Ward and Awatere Valley
Fearon Reserve Fearon Street, Seddon
Mills Street Reserve State Highway 1, Seddon
Newcombe Street berm Newcombe Street and Marama Road, Seddon
Ward Domain State Highway 1, Ward
Spring Creek and Rapaura
Upper Spring Creek Lions Reserve Rapaura Road, Spring Creek (the grassed area alongside Rapaura Road, beside Spring Creek from State Highway 1 to Spring Creek Camping Ground)
Riverlands Industrial Area Reserve State Highway 1, Riverlands (the grassed area in front of the Riverlands Industrial Estate)