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Dog Registration

About dog registration

It is the dog owner's responsibility to ensure their dog is correctly registered with their local authority.

Not only is it part of being a responsible dog owner, it is a legal requirement.

Your dog must wear a current registration tag to ensure your dog can be identified. The 2021/2022 registration colour was red. The 2022/2023 registration colour is green. If your dog is found not wearing the correct registration tag it may be deemed as unregistered.

Dog registration guidelines:

  • Only one person can be the registered owner of a dog
  • If you are under 16 years of age, the dog must be registered under a parent's or guardian's name
  • The registration period is from 1 July to 30 June each year (expiry date is on the registration tag)
  • Register your dog by 1 July each year

Go to dog registration fees

Go to dog registration form

  • The registration fee may be reduced if you have your dog de-sexed and microchipped, you and your dog are not classified, you have not been prosecuted or received any infringements
  • If your registration fees are paid after 31 July late penalties will apply

New registration

All dogs over three months old are required to be registered. Each dog should be registered at the address where they are kept at the majority of the time.

If you are registering your dog for the first time:

See dog registration fees

See microchipping requirements

  1. Download dog registration form. Send completed registration form and any relevant documents to Animal Control, either via email:, by post, or in person at Council's Customer Service Centres in Blenheim or Picton.

If you already have a dog or dogs registered in Marlborough, you will also be able to register any additional dogs using online dog services.

Find out more about online dog services

See dog registration form

Renew registration

If your dog has been previously registered with Marlborough District Council, your registration tag will expire on 30 June each year. All dog registration fees need to be paid by 1 July. After 31 July late penalty fees will apply.

Dog Registration Application forms are sent by the start of June each year. Please contact Animal Control if you don't receive your registration form. Remember, it is your responsibility to ensure your dog is registered annually.

Remember that the registration period is very busy for Animal Control and there may be queues at the Animal Control office. During this time there is a 'fast registration box' for completed registration forms together with the correct payment. Alternatively, you can pay online using online dog services.

Find out about online dog services

See dog registration form

Payment options

When you receive your annual registration form you can:

  • Pay by credit card online or over the counter
  • Pay by internet banking (see link below) and send the registration form to Animal Control
  • Send the registration form and payment to Animal Control (see forms link below)
  • Visit the Animal Control office or Picton Customer Service Centre

Pay by internet banking

See registration form

See Animal Control Office details

See Picton Customer Service Centre details

Haven't received your annual registration form?

If you haven't received your annual registration form by the end of June, please contact Animal Control.

Updating your details?

See change of details information

Transferring ownership?

See information on transferring dog ownership

Contact Us

Animal Control

  • Change of details

    If you're changing the address your dog is kept at or your postal address, moving out of Marlborough, changing dog owner, your dog has been desexed or microchipped, or has died, you must let us know.

  • Disability Assist Dogs

    Disability assist dogs are able to accompany their owners to places otherwise banned to dogs, such as restaurants.

  • Dog Registration by Email

    Sign up to receive your dog registration by email.

  • Dog Registration Fees

    Dog registration fees for Marlborough.

  • Dog-related Forms

    Registration, transfer of ownership or address, dog tag replacement and other dog registration forms can be found on this page.

  • Internet Banking

    You can pay your registration fees by internet banking.

  • Non-Working Dogs

    There are two categories of non-working dogs: Category 1 and Category 2.

  • Online Dog Services

    Online dog services enables dog owners to update dog records and renew and pay registration fees online.

  • Owning More Than Two Dogs

    A special licence is required to keep more than two dogs on a property for more than 14 days, except in particular rural areas.

  • Reducing the Cost of Registration

    There are two easy ways you can reduce your annual dog registration fee and be a responsible dog owner.

  • Replacement Tags

    A dog must wear a blue registration tag to show it has been registered for this year.

  • What Does My Dog Registration Pay For?

    Details of how annual dog registration fees are used.

  • Working Dogs

    If you consider your dog is used solely or principally for herding or driving stock, you will need to apply for working dog status.