Disability Assist Dogs


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Disability Assist Dogs

Golden retriever guide dog.

A disability assist dog is a dog certified by one of the following organisations as being a dog trained to assist (or as being a dog in training to assist) a person with a disability.

(a) Hearing Dogs for Deaf People New Zealand

(b) Mobility Assistance Dogs Trust

(c) New Zealand Epilepsy Assist Dogs Trust

(d) Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind

(e) Top Dog Companion Trust

Disability assist dogs are able to accompany their owners to places otherwise banned to dogs, such as restaurants.

Companion dogs

A companion dog is also a dog used to assist a person with a disability that does not fall within the disability assist category. If you have a disability and wish to see if you fit the criteria of companion dog status, you will need to apply in writing to Council. The applicant must provide evidence of the disability from a medical practitioner specialising in the field of the disability, rather than from a general medical practitioner.

Companion dogs are not entitled to go into those places banned to dogs under the health legislation.