Dog Registration Fees

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Dog Registration Fees

Important information regarding dog registration fees

  • The registration year runs from 1 July to 30 June
  • All dogs over the age of 3 months must be registered
  • For dogs registered for the first time part way through the year, a proportional fee is charged.

Find out what your registration fees are used for

Dog Control Fees (from 1 July 2019-30 June 2020) Charges
Dog registration - Responsible Dog Owner $60.00
Dog registration - Standard Dog $90.00
Dog registration - Working Dog $20.00
Dog registration - Old Dog $45.00
Dog registration - 10 +Working Dogs (for each extra dog) $10.00
Dog registration - Disability Assist Dogs & Police Dogs NO Fee
Dog registration - Dangerous Dog $135.00
Dog registration - Replacement tag $5.00
Property licence - three or more dogs $75.00
Pound fee - first offence $100.00
Pound fee - second offence $150.00
Pound fee - third offence and subsequent offences $200.00
Pound sustenance & care fee (per day) $15.00
Seizure fee $100.00
Microchip fee $25.00
Proportional monthly fees

If you register your dog for the first time during the registration year you will pay a proportional fee

Annual fee plus 50% penalty (if paid after 31 July 2019) Charges
Responsible Dog Owner $90.00
Standard Dog $135.00
Old Dog $67.50
Working Dog $30.00
Dangerous Dog $202.50
Schedule of impounding fees
Impounding Act 1955
Pounding fee - first impounding $115.50
plus $5.10 per stock unit (SU)
Pounding Fee - second and subsequent repeat impounding $172.80
plus $7.70 per SU
Sustenance fee $2.00 per SU per day
Driving/conveyance of stock to the pound or other place Actual cost
A sheep or goat is 1SU, a calf or deer 2SU and dairy or beef cattle or horses 5SU