Dog Registration Fees


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Dog Registration Fees

Important information regarding dog registration fees

  • The registration year runs from 1 July to 30 June
  • All dogs over the age of 3 months must be registered
  • For dogs registered for the first time part way through the year, a proportional fee is charged.

Find out what your registration fees are used for

Dog Control Fees (from 1 July 2022 - 30 June 2023) Charges
Dog registration - Category One $62.00
Dog registration - Category Two $92.00
Dog registration - Working Dog $22.00
Dog registration - Old Dog $46.00
Dog registration - 10 +Working Dogs (for each additional dog) $11.00
Dog registration - Disability Assist Dogs & Police Dogs NO Fee
Dog registration - Dangerous Dog $138.00
Dog registration - Replacement tag $5.00
Property licence - three or more dogs $75.00
Pound fee - first impound for registered dogs $75.00
Pound fee - first impound for unregistered dogs $100.00
Pound fee - second impound $150.00
Pound fee - third impound and subsequent impoundings $200.00
Pound sustenance & care fee (per day) $15.00
Seizure fee
Surrender fee $100.00
Microchip fee $25.00
Proportional monthly fees

If you register your dog for the first time during the registration year you will pay a proportional fee

Annual fee plus 50% penalty (if paid after 31 July 2022) Charges
Category One $93.00
Category Two $138.00
Old Dog $69.00
Working Dog $33.00
Dangerous Dog $207.00

Schedule of impounding fees Impounding Act 1955 and Impounding Regulations 1981

Fees from 1 July 2022

Pound Fee - first impounding

$120 plus $5.00 per stock unit* (SU)

Pound Fee - second and subsequent repeat impounding (within a year of the first impound)

$150 plus $10.00 per SU

Pound Fee - third and subsequent repeat impounding (within a year of the first impound)

$200 plus $10.00 per SU

Pound - Daily Sustenance & Care (if required)

Actual cost

Pound – Small Animal Daily Sustenance & Care (if required)

$15 per day

Driving Charges

- Cost of conveyance of stock to the pound or other place Actual cost
- Staff hourly rate (per Animal Control Officer) $100.00 per hour
- Mileage 80 c per km


Actual cost

Veterinary care (if required)

Actual cost

* A sheep or goat is 1SU, a calf or deer 2SU and dairy or beef cattle or horses 5SU

Note: The fees payable for release of stock will include all costs incurred by Council in the containment and impoundment of stock (including any staff hourly rate, mileage and travel costs, hire of any equipment eg; trailers or stock truck if necessary and appropriate) and also the appropriate pound fees as detailed above.