Dogs for Adoption


Wither Hills Farm Park Track Closures

All upper tracks in the Wither Hills Farm Park, including the Mountain Bike Park are now closed due to extreme fire risk.

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Dogs for Adoption

Golden retriever dog.

Sadly, some unwanted dogs come through the pound. Animal Control assesses all unwanted dogs to determine if they are suitable for re-homing.

Any unsuitable dogs are destroyed in a humane manner. The SPCA and Animal Control endeavour to find homes for all suitable dogs.

See dogs available for adoption at Animal Control

See dogs available for adoption on SPCA Marlborough's website, or call them, phone: 03 572 9156.

Go to the SPCA Marlborough website

A pet is a lifetime commitment

See the brochure below for things to think about before you get a dog.

Contact Animal Control

They are there to help you. Do not hesitate to contact Animal Control if you have a concern or question.

Go to Animal Control