Missing or Lost Dogs


Wither Hills Farm Park Track Closures

All upper tracks in the Wither Hills Farm Park, including the Mountain Bike Park are now closed due to extreme fire risk.

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Missing or Lost Dogs

Lost dog wandering around.

If your dog is missing or lost, contact Animal Control and provide them with information to help identify your dog, including breed, colour or any distinguishing marks.

If your dog is wearing its registration tag or has a microchip inserted, and is found straying, it can easily be identified and returned to you.

Where possible, Animal Control wants to reunite the dog with its owner as quickly as possible and without penalty. However, if your dog is known as a previous offender it will be impounded. If a dog has been hanging around your area and you suspect it is a stray, or lost please contact Animal Control, phone: 03 520 9033.

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