Methamphetamine Contamination


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Methamphetamine Contamination

Environmental Health officers investigate notifications about premises being used for the manufacture or consumption of methamphetamine.

We have statutory obligations to meet once we are made aware that a property is contaminated with methamphetamine.

Including the following:

  • Require testing of a property notified to determine current methamphetamine levels making sure any chemical residues are reduced to a safe level.
  • Issue repair notices to decontaminate a property if methamphetamine levels are above the NZ Standard 8510:2017 levels
  • Issue closing orders when decontamination has not been completed
  • Advise future property owners via the property's Land Information Memorandum (LIM)

An initial test must be undertaken to provide a report on current methamphetamine levels within the property. Testing of the property should be carried out by contractors who are:

  • qualified
  • equipped
  • experienced to perform hazardous tasks.

To find qualified meth testing contractors, check the Yellow pages

Find qualified meth testing contracts in the Yellow Pages

or search on the Internet.

The Ministry of Health (MoH) advises that professionals who assess and test a property must operate independently of commercial decontamination (remediation) companies.

Ministry of Health

Independent testing agencies can provide a report on the initial testing results. This report must be provided to council if we have been notified.

What happens next?

If initial testing confirms a property is contaminated with levels of methamphetamine above the NZ Standard 8510:2017: Testing and Decontamination of Methamphetamine Contaminated Properties, you will be required to decontaminate it and be sent a repair notice from Council.

If you do not carry out the remediation of the property by the date specified in the notice, we will issue a Closing Order which requires the property to be immediately vacated until the remediation has occurred and a test is done to confirm the levels are below the standards.

If you do not comply with a Closing Order you will commit an offence under the Health Act 1956 and legal proceedings may be started against the property owner.