Food Business Fees

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Food Business Fees

Council is proposing additional fees under the Food Act 2014. These are described in the below Statement of Proposal. We welcome your feedback through the submission process.

Submissions close 5.00 pm Monday 14 May 2018.

Fees are GST inclusive

Current Fees
Charge $
Food Act 2014
New registration $254.00
Time spent on processing and education after the first two hours (per hour) $145.00
Renewal of registration $108.00
Amendment to registration $108.00
Verification (per hour) $145.00
Compliance (per hour) $145.00
Monitoring No charge
Travel charge
Zone One No travel fee
Zone Two $50.00
Zone Three $85.00
Zone Four $245.00
Zone Five Actual travel costs incurred
Disbursements Actual cost
Premises transitioning to Food Act 2014 $254.00
Time spent on processing and education after the first 2 hours (per hour) $145.00
Miscellaneous fees and licences
Food premises (high risk) $425.00
Food premises (low risk) $195.00
Food premises occasional $75.00
Food premises additional inspection $145.00
Food premises registration transfer $45.00
Inspections on request and re-inspections $145.00
Other fees
Late payment fee for registered premises (each month the
payment remains overdue)
Boat travel At cost
Noise consultancy and survey work (per hour) $130.00

* Corrective action follow up will incur the same charge-out rate as the audit fee
** The current IRD rate is .77