Fundraising and Clubs


Marlborough is at Orange

Marlborough is at Orange level of the Covid-19 Protection Framework (the traffic light system).

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Fundraising and Clubs

You don't need a food control plan or programme if you are:

  • selling food for fundraising less than 20 times a year. Fundraising activities include charity events, sausage sizzles and raffles.
    Download information on 'Tip for a Safe and Successful Fundraising Event'
  • sharing food with others at sports clubs, social clubs or marae where food is not the purpose of the event. For example, providing nibbles at a bowling club games night or serving food as a customary activity on a marae.

Note: You still have to comply with food safety laws and make sure your food is safe and suitable to eat.

However, you will have to register under the Act if you're:

  • fundraising more than 20 times a year
  • catering events at clubs, or selling food at club bar/restaurant
  • bartering or exchanging food commercially
  • selling food commercially at fairs, markets, or community events more than once a year.

If food is sold more than once in a calendar year that is not for club or fundraising purposes, the activity is subject to registration under food safety legislation. You must sell safe and suitable food.

If you sell food at a single one-off event only once in a calendar year, your only requirement is to ensure you make safe and suitable food.

For more information visit Ministry for Primary Industry (MPI)