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August Weather Event 2022

Information relating to the recent weather event in Marlborough

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Building and Planning

Building consents

All building work requires a building consent before any work can start. This includes alterations, additions, new buildings, plumbing, demolition work, drainage, bridges, farm buildings, marquees and the installation of log fires.

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Resource consents

A resource consent is the approval of a local authority - in this case, the Marlborough District Council - to undertake an activity that is not a permitted activity and may not occur "as of right" under the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) or the various formal plans governing the use of natural and physical resources in Marlborough and its coastal areas.

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Land Information Memorandum

A Land Information Memorandum (LIM) is a report prepared by the Marlborough District Council at your request.

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Project Information Memorandum

A Project Information Memorandum (PIM) is a report issued under Section 35 of the Building Act 2004. It summarises information Council has on record about a property that may have an effect on the building project you are undertaking.

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Rate record search

Council's rate records can be searched for valuation and rating information.

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Ways to pay

Rates can be paid in a variety of ways: direct debit, telephone banking, internet banking, post, automatic payment/direct credit or in person.

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The Rates Rebate Scheme was established by the government in 1973 to provide a subsidy to low-income homeowners on the cost of their rates.

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Remission and postponement policies


Properties in the Marlborough district are valued by Quotable Value Limited. Revaluations take place every three years.

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Noise control

The Marlborough District Council handles noise control issues. To make a complaint any time of the day or night call our Customer Service Centre on phone: 520 7400.

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Utilities and Irrigation


The Marlborough District Council provides Marlborough's urban areas and main townships with the essential utility services of sewerage reticulation and treatment, water supply and stormwater disposal.

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Southern Valleys' Irrigation Scheme

Council also operates the Southern Valleys' Irrigation Scheme.

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Many residents in Marlborough use wells for their water supply and irrigation.

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On-site Wastewater Management Systems

Almost all houses, holiday homes, buildings used for visitor accommodation and rural industries outside of Marlborough's major towns rely on on-site systems to manage domestic wastewater.

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Refuse transfer stations and kerbside rubbish collection

Kerbside rubbish collection

In Blenheim, kerbside pickups of official Council rubbish bags are carried out Monday to Friday. In Picton, kerbside pickups of official Council rubbish bags are carried out on Tuesdays. Please ensure your bags are out on the kerb before 7.30 am on the day of your collection.

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Transfer stations

Several transfer stations are operating in Marlborough, in Blenheim, Picton, Havelock, Wairau Valley, Seddon and Rai Valley.

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Fire and fire permits


Fire has the potential to threaten anyone, regardless of whether you live in an urban or rural area, or whether you are at home, work or enjoying one of the recreational opportunities Marlborough has to offer.

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Fire permits

It is vital that care is taken when burning, and permits obtained when required.

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Over the fence

You and your neighbours

A dispute between neighbours can upset relationships and lead to discomfort and unhappiness. Although a lawyer can advise you on your rights and remedies, it is often best to try to resolve any problem that arises by discussion.

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Environmental education

Marlborough District Council runs waste minimisation and environmental education programmes and also offers a number of brochures on ways to live more sustainably.

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