Speed Limit Review FAQs


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Speed Limit Review FAQs

  • No. We’re using local knowledge and data to make sure we’ve done everything we can to make your roads safer. Sometimes this means road improvements so it’s safer at the current speed limit, sometimes it means lowering the speed limit. In a few cases, speed limits could be increased. The aim is to make sure roads have travel speeds that match the risk.

  • Even the most skilled drivers make mistakes, and most drivers understand New Zealand’s roads can be challenging. Good speed management gives drivers the cues they need to judge the safe and appropriate speed for the road they’re on.

  • Good speed management is when technology, data, first-hand observation and local knowledge are used to inform interventions to make a road safer. Community engagement – before, during and after the consultation period – is at its heart. This ensures the public are fully aware and involved in any change proposed.

  • Actually, it does. Speed is the difference between a correctable mistake and a fatal error. Every extra km/h increases the likelihood of someone being killed or injured in a crash. Regardless of what causes a crash, speed always plays a part.

  • Not necessarily. Research shows that going faster doesn’t save as much time as we think. Waiting for lights to change or traffic to move means total travel times don’t vary much, even if you drive 10 km/h faster.