Appeal a Parking Infringement


Marlborough is at Orange

Marlborough is at Orange level of the Covid-19 Protection Framework (the traffic light system).

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Appeal a Parking Infringement

To appeal a parking infringement, please fill out the following online form. Alternatively, a PDF version can be completed and provided to Marlborough Roads.

Statutory Declaration in Relation of a Stationary Vehicle Offence

If you would like to advise us that you weren't the driver of your vehicle at the time the infringement was issued. You can report to us who was driving or in charge of the vehicle at the time, by filling out the 'Statutory Declaration in Relation of a Stationary Vehicle Offence' form.

Please provide as many relevant details as possible, including the other person's full name, residential address and date of birth. Marlborough District Council may then consider forwarding the notice to them.