PONG - Report Unpleasant Odours


August Weather Event 2022

Information relating to the recent weather event in Marlborough

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PONG - Report Unpleasant Odours

Bad smells can now be logged via a new online odour reporting system. The Prevailing Odour Not Good (PONG) database records the strength and location of odours.

If you experience a persistent odour either at home or when you are out please log an odour report to notify the Council. Your odour notification will be tracked on a mapping system and compared to weather conditions to help us track down the source.

We’d like to hear about any odour that you think is out of the ordinary and persistent. We are particularly interested in odours from consented activities like our waste and recycling facilities, as these can be a sign of a problem at a particular site. Remember we live in a rural primary industry area where everyday activities can, from time to time, generate the odd smell; this is normal and to be expected.

Log an odour report