RAPID Numbers


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RAPID Numbers

RAPID number on mailbox.

RAPID stands for Rural Address Property Identification. It gives every rural property with a dwelling an address. This means that you can identify exactly where you are in rural areas.

RAPID is particularly useful for emergency services such as Police, ambulance, fire service and Civil Defence. In the event of building a new dwelling on bare land, an address may be required by your telecommunications/internet provider and the power authority prior to connection.

It makes sense to write your RAPID number down close to your phone for ready access in the event of an emergency.

To apply for a RAPID number, please complete the form below. Once completed, you can post it to Council or present it with payment at our Customer Service Centres at Council offices in Blenheim or Picton.

Type-enabled form

This form allows you to type in your details, then print, or save to your PC and email to Council. However, it may be incompatible with the PDF readers used in some browsers. If you are having this problem with this form, try downloading the same form from the 'Alternative forms' list below.

Once you have completed this form, you can save it to your computer for your records, then send a copy of the saved document to email: mdc@marlborough.govt.nz

Alternative form

This form contains the same information as the type-enabled form. It is intended for use if you have trouble downloading the type-enabled form.

To use this form, you will need to print it out before completing it.