How are RAPID numbers allocated?


Marlborough is at Orange

Marlborough is at Orange level of the Covid-19 Protection Framework (the traffic light system).

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How are RAPID numbers allocated?

RAPID numbers are allocated from the beginning of the road as determined by Marlborough Roads or the New Zealand Transport Agency. Your RAPID number will be based on the distance your entrance way is from the beginning of the road on which it is located.

The numbers are calculated by measuring, in metres, the distance from the beginning of the road to the centre-line of the entrance way. This distance is divided by 10, then rounded up to a whole number. Numbers on the left-hand side of the road are odd numbers. Those on the right are even numbers.
For example, a property with an entrance way 935 metres from the commencement of the road would be numbered 93 if on the left side of the road and 94 if on the right.

If the property is accessed off a state highway, the number is still calculated from the beginning of the road.

If there are multiple addresses using a single entrance-way, Council will determine if the base number only, base numbers with letter suffixes, or a new road name is the most appropriate addressing solution. A new road name may be required because the national addressing standard requires single entrance ways, with more than five addresses being named with a road name. This is the case even if the access way is a driveway, right-of-way or private road.

Where there are up to five addresses using a single entrance way, Council will supply a range plate, free of charge, when the fifth RAPID number is issued. The range plate is to be placed at the road entrance, and individual number plates are to be placed at the specific entrance into each property from the right-of-way.