Forms - Energy Efficiency


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Forms - Energy Efficiency

Please complete the application form below, ticking the relevant funding option to you.

You can type in your details, then print, or save to your PC and email to Council. However, it may be incompatible with the PDF readers used in some browsers. If you are having this problem with this form, try downloading the printable form instead. This contains the same information as the type-enabled form.

Once you have completed the form, you can save it to your computer for your records, then email a copy of the saved document to:

Go to the energy efficiency FAQ page for questions regarding forms

Confirmation of Completion of Installation

Your service provider should give you a copy of this form once installation has been completed. Please complete and return this form to your service provider. Your service provider will then forward to Council as part of their completion processes.

Enquiry or Complaint

Please complete the following form if you have an enquiry or complaint surrounding energy efficiency.