How to use the Rates Comparison Model


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How to use the Rates Comparison Model

Step One: Follow the link below

Follow this link to take you to the Rating Information Smart Map

Step Two: Enter your details

Go to the white search box at the top right hand corner of the Smart map.

Enter the first line of your address, then a comma and your town name. eg; 15 Seymour Street, Blenheim.
Alternatively you can use your property number (found highlighted in blue at the top right hand corner of your quarterly rates invoice).

Step Three: Select your property

The boundary of your property will be highlighted in a light blue border.

Click once within the light blue border.
A white pop up box will appear adjacent to your property.

This will give you the following information:

Rating for Property xxxxxx

Current Year Rates: $xxxx

Last Year Rates: $xxxx

Rates Movement: x.xx%

View Rates Comparison

The average movement for xxxx xxxx Rate Area for xxxx xxxx was xx.xx

Valuation Number: xxxxx xxxxx

Capital Value: $xxx,xxx

Land Value: $xxx,xxx

Improvement Value: $xxx,xxx

Land Area: x.xxxx ha

Improvements: xxx xx

Step Four: View the Rates Comparison Model

If you would like more information on your rates increase/decrease compares, simply click on the 'View Rates Comparison' text, highlighted in blue, in the middle of the white pop up box.

Step Five: More Information

Use the scroll bar located on the far right of the screen, to scroll down to more rating information. This includes the factors responsible for increasing rates on an individual property and 'Allocation of 2018-19 General Type Rates Charges'.

Selecting the 'About' button in the top menu of the map window will give links to further rating information and how your rates are calculated.

Rating Information Smart Map.

Go to the Rating Information Smart Map

Follow this link to take you to the Rating Information Smart Map