Rateable Valuations


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Rateable Valuations

When do revaluations happen?

2020 Revaluation

The Marlborough District was revalued by Quotable Value on 15 August 2020. These values applied from the 2021-2022 rating year, and apply for the current rating year. The rating capital value is the likely price a property could have sold for as at 15 August 2020.

With the exception of the Wairau Valley rivers works rates and the Kenepuru Road Rate, all other rates levied on property values are based on land value.

Valuation changes between district-wide revaluations will only relate to property subdivisions, new improvements and any alterations to the latest revaluation which are approved by Quotable Value or the Land Valuation Tribunal (as a result of revaluation objections lodged).

Revaluation Data

For valuation information for specific properties, you can look up any property in the district on our Revaluation Smart Map.

Go to Revaluation Smart Map

Go to Rates Comparison Model (enter a property number to compare 2017 and 2020 valuations for a specific property)

How revaluations affect rates

With a district-wide revaluation there is no direct relationship between valuation movements and rates movements.

A revaluation of the District does not increase Council’s rating income, but it does redistribute the incidence of valuation based rates between individual ratepayers. This means that even if Council were to levy the same amount in total for the year following a revaluation, some ratepayers will have rate increases, while others will have rate decreases.

Rates levied on a uniform charge basis (eg: refuse and recycling charges) are unaffected by a district-wide revaluation.

The only factors responsible for increasing rates on an individual property are:

  • If an individual's property value increases by more than the average increase for their geographic rating area.
  • If an individual's property value decreases by less than the average decrease for their geographic rating area.
  • If an individual’s property values alter as a result of new improvements being added (only affects rates that are levied on a capital value basis eg; Wairau Valley Works Rates, Kenepuru Road Rate).
  • If the property changes its eligibility for separate service rates/charges (eg; it now qualifies for sewerage, refuse and recycling charges etc).
  • If Council adds another set of charges for an additional dwelling on the property.
  • If Council amends its Revenue and Financing Policy.
  • If Council increases its rating income requirement through the Annual Plan process.
  • If Council adds another set of charges for an additional dwelling on your property.

To object to a valuation

Please call 0800 787 284 (no charge) in the first instance to discuss your concerns.

If, after that, you wish to further pursue the matter you must lodge an objection online

Lodge an objection online at Quotable Value NZ

or in writing before 5.00 pm on 5 February 2021.

Please read the back of your Rating Valuation Notice for information on objections.

To object in writing your letter must include:

  • The valuation reference number and the address of the property you are objecting about
  • A daytime contact phone number
  • Your postal address
  • Your reason for objecting and
  • An estimate of what you believe is the true value of your property.