Update My Property With QV


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Update My Property With QV

Quotable Value Service - Update My Property

Update your property with QV.

Property owners can now check the information held about their property by Quotable Value and submit changes online relating to that property at:


The aim of this service is to improve the quality and transparency of information on which rating valuations are based.

How do I search for my property?

Go to the Update My Property website and start typing the property address or your valuation reference. Choose your property and click ‘Next’.

Go to Update My Property

Who can I contact if I have a question about Update My Property?

You can email Quotable Value updatemyproperty@qv.co.nz or call 0800 786 822.

What happens after I suggest a change?

Quotable Value will contact you by email if additional information is required and a property valuer will be consulted if necessary. Quotable Value will advise you of the outcome.

Will the value of my property change as a result of providing updated information?

This depends on what information needs updating. For example, a significant change in floor area may require a valuer to inspect the property when they are next in your area. This may then result in the valuation being revised.