Ways to Pay Rates

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Ways to Pay Rates

Rates can be paid in a variety of ways. Council’s preferred method is by direct debit. This is the safest and most convenient method of payment.

Key dates

  • Debt Advice

    The agencies listed below may be able to offer you advice and assistance in dealing with money and debts.

  • Direct Debit

    You choose whether you wish to pay weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

  • Having Trouble Making Payments?

    If you are having difficulty paying your rates on time you should contact us as soon as possible.

  • In Person

    You can pay by cheque and use the quick drop off facility (during the last week of payments being due) at Blenheim or Picton Customer Service Centre.

  • Mail

    Post your cheque to Council - to be received by Council by the due date otherwise penalties will apply.

  • Online

    Most banks are set up for this and know our bank account number and the required format for information.

  • Requests for Refunds or Transfers

    If you think you have overpaid your rates, or have paid your rates into the wrong account.

  • Update Details

    If you change your bank, bank account details, move or sell your house.