Your Rates Notice Explained

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Your Rates Notice Explained

Council has listened to feedback from ratepayers and has made a number of changes to its rates notices.

The new and improved layout helps to make your rates notice simpler to read and easier to understand. Now, all of the key information is featured on the front, including the payment due dates and the total owing. Additional information including a breakdown of your rates for the year, and the various ways to pay your bill, are outlined on the back.

Council has also prepared an information sheet, which will accompany your rates notice, and outline how rates are spent across the district. You will now be able to see the percentage of rates funding allocated to different activities such as, community facilities, roading and footpaths, sewerage, stormwater and regional development.

A further improvement relates to the way in which people receive their rate notice. Now, ratepayers can register to receive their rates notice by email, rather than via the post. If you would like to receive your rates by email please register via Council’s website:

Sign up to receive rates by email here

See larger view of the below information:

Your rates invoice explained (PDF, 514.14KB)

See larger view of the above information:

How rates are spent (PDF, 81.39KB)