Kerbside Recycling Collection


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Kerbside Recycling Collection

Do we recycle everything we collect?

All recycling collected in Marlborough is sent to the Resource Recovery Centre (RRC) for processing. Once the material has been quality checked at the RRC it is then sent to an end market for processing.


Glass is sent to an onshore processor for melting down and reforming into new glass bottles.


Plastics are sent to a number of onshore and offshore processors dependant on the material type. Each plastic material is processed into a new product.


Cardboard and paper are sent to onshore and offshore packaging manufacturers to be reconstituted into new products.


Cans are sent to onshore metal re-processors where they are further graded into ferrous and non-ferrous before being baled and sent to offshore manufacturers of metal products.

Because the collection and delivery systems for recycling in Marlborough are based on ‘separation at source’ this greatly reduces our potential for receiving non-conforming or contaminated materials at the RRC. Even though the kerbside recycling crate contains mixed recycling this is actually sorted on the recycling truck before it goes to the RRC. By keeping our recycling clean and sorted we will continue to be able to keep these resources in use through remanufacturing.

Waste Hierarchy

The following shows the preferred options for dealing with our waste.

Service Issues

Should you experience any issues with the kerbside service, please notify Council on 03 520 7400. This number is monitored after hours through Call Care.

Email Marlborough District Council with kerbside service issues
Please note these emails will only be processed during normal business hours, which are 8.00 am - 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday.

When is my collection day?

In Blenheim, kerbside pickups of the recycling crates are carried out Monday to Friday. To check what day your crate will be collected see the map below. Please ensure your crates are out on the kerb before 7.30 am on the day of your collection.

In Picton, kerbside pickups of the recycling crates are carried out on Tuesdays. Please ensure your crates are out on the kerb before 7.30 am on the day of your collection.

Kerbside public holiday collections

Council does not normally do kerbside collections on public holidays. Instead, the service is provided on the working day after or the working day before the public holiday.

For more information on alternative collection days, use the link below.

See kerbside public holiday collections

What can I put in the crate?

See your Recycling Guide for what can and what can't be recycled.

All recyclables must be placed in the Council crate provided.

Please place your crate at the edge of the kerb outside your property. Please do not obstruct the pavement.

Please note that you can only put out one recycling crate per week. All recyclables must fit in the Council crate.

We will not collect from other containers or any material outside the crate.

Recycling drop-off

For items that do not fit in the crate provided, please visit the Resource Recovery Centre in Blenheim or check out the recycling at the transfer stations.

Go to Resource Recovery Centre

See recycling at the transfer stations

Some hazardous materials accepted at transfer stations for recycling include: waste oil, scrap metal, LPG bottles, paint, batteries.

Blenheim map

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Picton map

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