Plastic Bags Survey


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Plastic Bags Survey

Thank you to the more than 900 people who took the time to fill out our survey on plastic bag use.

We wanted to know whether a charge would discourage the use of plastic bags. We were interested to learn how people were using plastic bags, why some people choose not to use them at all, and whether our attitude to plastic bags is changing.

What you said

About 70% don’t bother to take plastic supermarket bags to use on a return trip to the shop.

But 50% do take their own re-usable bags to supermarket when they go shopping.

Virtually everyone re-uses the plastic bag at least once – mostly for wrapping up rubbish.

But 75% concede that plastic bags can be seen littering our environment in Marlborough.

About half our respondents think a reward scheme would encourage people to use re-usable bags while almost as many believe that introducing a charge for plastic bags would be the incentive that would get them using re-usable bags.

Overall, 80% of respondents would be happy to support a small charge per plastic bag – say 10 cents. However 63% would still use/buy them, even with the charge in place.

And most people it seems - more than 90% - would like the opportunity to recycle their plastic bags.