Salvage Yard


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Salvage Yard

The Salvage Yard is an extension to the Re-use Shop concept and is designed to accept bulkier items suitable for re-sale back to the community. If you are doing any building work or DIY projects, the yard might just have the items you are looking for.


The yard is located next to the Re-use Shop on Wither Road.

The yard accepts and sells a range of old sanitary ware, windows, bricks, wood and other building materials.

When you arrive at the yard, a staff member will assess the materials you are looking to drop off. The yard is only looking for items that can be realistically re-sold. Items deemed as acceptable by the salvage yard staff can be dropped off without charge.

What's for sale at the Salvage Yard?

Items that are only suitable for disposal can be dropped at the Blenheim Transfer Station.

Waste fees and charges would apply for any material being disposed of.

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