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Waste Calculator

Waste calculator

  • Use the link below to access the calculator.
  • This link will open a survey form.
  • Complete the questions in the form and enter your email address.
  • You’ll receive the calculations of your annual spend via email when you submit the survey form.

Please don’t enter inaccurate information as this will have a negative impact on data reliability. The waste calculator is designed to help inform the community so please use it for that intended purpose.

Open the Waste Calculator survey


The current Waste Management and Minimisation Plan 2021-27 (WMMP) sets out the strategy for dealing with the region’s waste over the next six years. You can view a copy of the WMMP below:

Go to our WMMP page.

One of the options in the WMMP is to create a waste calculator for the community to use. The waste calculator can be accessed at the bottom of this webpage after you have read the rest of the information.

What costs are you calculating?

The calculator will work out costs associated with fees paid, time involved and distance travelled in relation to both your recycling and refuse. Once you have completed the questionnaire you will be sent the results of the calculation by email. The results are based on how you answered the questions. You might be surprised at the amount of money you are paying each year.

Generally, people don’t take into account their own time or the distance travelled but these should be included if we want an accurate estimate of what you are spending. The calculator will also provide an indication of the distance you travel and the amount of emissions you produce.

Why are you collecting this data?

The waste calculator is being launched to help inform the community on their costs related to recycling and refuse. If Council wants to introduce a different level of service for recycling and refuse it is important that you have a reference point for what you currently spend. By using the waste calculator you are helping Council to build up a picture of what people are spending across the district.

Will my data be made public?

No. Council will aggregate the data using mapping tools. Individual details will not be made public.

What information do I need before I fill out the waste calculator questions?

You need a few pieces of information before you start filling out the waste calculator form, namely:

  • Return distance to your nearest recycling/refuse point per trip
  • How often you make these trips per month
  • How long do these return trips take in total per month
  • How many extra council bags do you buy (if any)


Costs may vary depending on the vehicle used. For this calculation: Fuel price used = $2.559 per litre, Average fuel economy = 10.6L/100km, $10 per hour of personal time.

And finally

When you get the email confirmation of your annual spend please review it carefully. It might be more expensive than you had anticipated but bear in mind the calculation is based on the information you entered. We encourage you to get your family, friends and wider community to use the waste calculator. The more inputs we receive, the more reliable the data will be.