Marlborough Litter Project

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Marlborough Litter Project

Council is running a Marlborough Litter Project (MLP) across 2017 and 2018.

The project has now completed two out of three milestones.

Why are we doing this?

To understand the ways in which litter service provision is currently implemented across the Marlborough region.

How will we do it?

  • We are going to meet with Council staff, contractors and members of the community to understand how they help to keep Marlborough tidy
  • We will look at existing data on litter service provision
  • We will look at where littering occurs
  • We will talk to communities across the region about their views on litter

What we hope to achieve

  • To gain a broad understanding of how we deal with litter within the Marlborough region
  • To collate this information into an action plan for the Marlborough region
  • To share the information gathered with the Marlborough community
  • To liaise with the national Litter Less Recycle More programme and to contribute to the re-launch of the Be a Tidy Kiwi campaign