Picton Marina Waste Services


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Picton Marina Waste Services

Council has provided waste collection points at the public jetty and London Quay areas of the Picton Marina. These bins are for the use of residents/visitors returning to the Marina by boat.

The bins are for bagged, compactable household waste.

This service is designed to prevent waste escaping into the surrounding environment so don’t leave items outside the bins.

The bins are generally serviced as follows:

  • Spring - September, October, November Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Summer - December, January, February. Monday to Sunday Twice Daily
  • Autumn - March, April, May. Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Winter - June, July, August Tuesday and Friday

Non-compactable waste, (eg; whiteware), should be taken to the Picton Transfer station at Gravesend Place.

Unfortunately there is no recycling facility for household items at the Marina.

Previous trials of recycling in this location were withdrawn because they had an adverse impact on the surrounding accommodation businesses.

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