Taylor Pass Closed Landfill - Future Use


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Taylor Pass Closed Landfill - Future Use


The Taylor Pass landfill site operated up until the mid-1990’s receiving waste from the Blenheim community and surrounding areas. The site was closed in 1996 and a new landfill opened on the outskirts of town named Bluegums.

When the Taylor Pass landfill was closed it was ‘capped off’ with suitable soil materials to prevent rain entering the site.

Development opportunities on a closed landfill are limited due to the nature of the site and any proposed future use would have to take this into account.

Future use survey

The residents adjacent to the site at the new Boulevard Park on Taylor sub division were asked to provide feedback via the above.

Review the responses received below.

What next?

The future development of this site will be discussed by Council during 2018. Further updates will be provided to the community as these discussions progress.