Transfer Stations

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Transfer Stations

Several transfer stations are operating in Marlborough. Links to a transfer station from the list below will give information on its location and opening hours.

Refuse collected at transfer stations is transported to the regional landfill. Recycling collected at the transfer stations is transported to the Resource Recovery Centre.

When visiting a transfer station with your refuse, please bring your own shovel, rake or broom for unloading the rubbish from your trailer. For information on fees and charges, use the link below.

See the waste and refuse fees page

Please note that Eftpos is available at the TemporaryBlenheim Transfer Station and Picton Transfer Stations.

Public holidays

All transfer stations are closed on Christmas Day, Good Friday and Anzac Day morning. On all other public holidays, all transfer stations are open for their normal hours of operation.

See public holiday opening times

Frequently asked questions

How much do we send to landfill?

The following table shows how much waste passed through our transfer stations and was sent to landfill for dumping. This information is updated annually in July.

Tonnage sent to landfill
Temporary Blenheim TS 4,409 5,414 6,054
Picton TS 1,861 1,531 1,631
Havelock TS 721 734 847
Rai Valley TS 173 194 235
Seddon TS 191 205 180
Wairau TS 63 79 96
Ward TS 62 149 81
  • Blenheim Transfer Station (Temporary)

    With effect from Monday 24 June 2019 the waste sorting centre will be closed as post-fire reinstatement works are undertaken.

  • Havelock

    The Havelock Transfer Station is located on Queen Charlotte Drive next to the Kaituna River.

  • Marlborough Sounds Coin Skips

    24-hour coin-operated skips are available for use at four locations around the Marlborough Sounds.

  • Picton

    The Picton Transfer Station is in Gravesend Place near the start of Queen Charlotte Drive.

  • Rai Valley

    The Rai Valley Transfer Station is on Ronga Road near the turn-off to Okiwi Bay (24-hour $3 coin operated skip).

  • Seddon

    The Seddon Transfer Station is located just north of the Seddon township, at the rear of the golf course.

  • Wairau Valley

    The Wairau Valley Transfer Station is at the end of Church Lane at the township.