Marlborough Sounds Coin Skips


Roads around Marlborough continue to be affected by slips and closures

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Marlborough Sounds Coin Skips

Coin Skip Availability Post July Road Slips

Due to the road blockages post the July 2021 flood event the coin skip at Portage site is not in use. When access to service the Portage site is available the coin skip will be brought back into use. All other coin skips are operating as normal and charges apply.

24-hour coin-operated skips are available for use at four locations around the Marlborough Sounds.

They cost $4 to operate (based on two standard rubbish bags). Detailed operating instructions are on each skip.

It is important that the mechanism gate is fully closed before inserting the coins, otherwise it will not open. Also, the mechanism gate must be opened within five seconds of the coin dropping through the slot or it will not open.


Recyclable materials cannot be left at the coin skips, they need to be taken to one of the transfer stations or the rural community recycling container at Ohingaroa Quarry.

Leaving Rubbish Behind

Please do not leave rubbish outside the skips; it is an offence under the Litter Infringement Act.

Ohingaroa Quarry, The Grove and Portage Coin Skips

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Rai Valley

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