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Duty Planner Service Information

Duty Planner Service

The Duty Planner Service is offered to people to assist them in their understanding of any Resource Management Act 1991 requirements that may apply to what they wish to do.

Who is the service for?

Council appreciates that the resource consent process can be complex. A duty planner service is available to assist those who are inexperienced in this area. Please note, as the Duty Planner Service is increasingly popular, Council is unable respond to enquiries from planning professionals or provide specific planning advice.

What does the service provide?

A duty planner can provide you with a general indication as to whether it is likely that you will require a resource consent for the activity you wish to undertake or give general advice as to the resource consent process. This is provided in writing following Council receiving a written request for assistance.

The service cannot provide you with an assessment of your proposed activity in detail or help you prepare an application. Rather, once you receive your advice it is recommended that you engage a professional with experience in making applications for the activity you wish to undertake, to guide you through the resource consent process.

The service cannot respond to assistance requests for complex proposals. It is recommended instead that a pre-application meeting is arranged with a planner specialising in that area. Examples of complex proposals include: a multi-lot subdivision, commercial activity, activities taking place in the coastal marine area (other than renewal applications and moorings), activities taking place on hazard prone land or HAIL sites, activities for land uses that are not provided for as a permitted activity in that zone (e.g. a childcare facility). The Duty Planner will inform you if they believe your activity is a complex proposal. You can request a pre-application meeting using the below link:

Go to the Duty Planner enquiry form

If you query relates to an existing resource consent, the duty planner will refer your query to the relevant team to respond.

How do I access the service?

Use the link below to complete a request form. If you do not have access to a computer, phone our Customer Services team on 03 520 7400, who will assist you in completing the form.

Your request will be lodged against your property number (which identifies your property for rates etc) and the duty planner notified. The duty planner will respond to your request, usually within 48 hours, however complex issues may take longer.

There is currently a backlog of duty planner enquiries and consequently it is taking longer than normal for staff to respond .

If you indicate on your request form that you would like to meet with a duty planner, you will be contacted to arrange a meeting.

Go to the Duty Planner enquiry form

Will I be charged for using the service?

There is no charge for lodging a request or receiving a written response.

If you choose to attend a meeting there is no charge for the duty planner’s preparation or the first 30 minutes attendance. If your meeting takes longer than 30 minutes you will receive an invoice for the additional time taken. This will be charged at the duty planner’s hourly rate of $150 plus GST per hour.

To find out more about the fees click the below link:

Go to Resource Consents fees

Applying for a resource consent

Go to the Applying for a Resource Consent page

Ministry for the Environment

Go to Ministry for the Environment information about the resource consent process

If you are seeking information about a particular property

Go to Property Files Online


Application can be made for a Land Information Memorandum (LIM), which provides information held by the Council for a property.

Go the LIMs section

Planning Rules

If you are seeking information about planning rules

See the Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan

See the Operative Marlborough Sounds Resource Management Plan

See the Operative Wairau/Awatere Resource Management Plan