FAQs – Council Records


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FAQs – Council Records

  • The Duty Planner Service is available to people who want some clarity about any requirements under the Resource Management Act 1991 that may be triggered by undertaking an activity.

    As an example, the construction of a building on a property may affect rules in the Resource Management Plan about the siting of a structure in relation to the property boundary.

    A Duty Planner can provide you with a general indication as to whether resource consent would be required for the activity you wish to undertake. The Duty Planner can also provide general advice as to the resource consent process.

    However, the Duty Planner Service is not a consultancy service and does not provide a full assessment of your proposed activity, nor help you to prepare an application. The service also cannot respond to assistance requests for complex proposals. It is recommended that a professional consultant is engaged who can guide you through the resource consent process.

    Duty planner responses are not a substitute for a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) and should not be relied upon when making property purchase decisions.

  • Council holds a wide range of information that is available to the public for viewing. Information is held specific to each property as well as for resource and building consents and other subject categories.

    There are a number of ways you can access Council's public files. In terms of resource and building consent applications the files are all available online, from the point a process is initiated to its completion. This means that a file in process may not be complete at the time of viewing. If you require assistance in your search, you can contact the customer service team at the Blenheim and Picton offices. Hard copies of documents are available, but a charge will apply.

    You can access the online property files on our website using the link below.

    Go to Council property files

    Search options are by:

    • Address
    • Property number
    • Resource consent number or building consent number.

    Alternatively you can access information using the Smart Maps tool on Council’s website using this link:

    Go to Smart Maps

    Smart Maps are arranged according to topic, covering the following subject areas:

    • Biosecurity – Pest Plants, Regional Pest Management Plan, Occupier Obligation and Rules and Programme Control Zones and Areas.
    • Compliance – Resource Consents, Building Consents, Marine Farms and Licensed Premises.
    • Consents – Property, Resource Consents, Building Consents, Marine Farms, Moorings, Well Locations, Foreshore Structures and Discharge Permits.
    • Environment – Marine Farms, Environment Plan zoning, Contours, Environment Plan Overlays, Well Locations, Soils, Seabed Habitat Maps, Groundwater Level Monitoring, Zone changes comparison mapping tool, Environment Plan Appendices, Foreshore Structures, Biosecurity pest plants, Discharge Permits, Blenheim Airshed, Annual Rainfall Maps, Regional Pest Management Plan Occupier Obligation and Rules and Programme Control Zones and Areas, Environment Plan Zoning as Notified, Environment Plan Overlays as Notified, MEP Zoning and Overlay Changes Comparison tool, Floodwatch, Recreational water Quality, Environment Plan Appendices as Notified, and the Cruise Guide to the Marlborough Sounds.
    • Harbours – Marine Farms, Mooring and the Cruise Guide to the Marlborough Sounds.
    • Infrastructure Services – Refuse/Recycling, Cemeteries, Blenheim and Picton CBD Parking, Blenheim Bus Service, ‘Find My Water’ Toby, Public Toilets, Drainage Network and FreeSpot Wireless Zones.
    • Marlborough Environment Plan – Zoning, Overlays, Zone Changes Comparison Tool, Appendices, Blenheim Airshed, Zoning as Notified, Overlays as Notified, Zoning and Overlays Comparison Tool and Appendices as Notified.
    • My Property – Property, Resource Consents, Aerial Photos, Building Consents, ‘Find My Water Toby’, Rating Information and Rates Revaluation 2017.
    • Policy and Plans – Environment Plan Zoning, Environment Plan Overlays, Environment Plan Appendices, Technical Reports, Alcohol Control Areas, Te Tau Ihu Statutory Acknowledgements, Heritage Trees and Sites, Environment Plan Zoning as Notified, Environment Plan Overlays as Notified, Environment Plan Appendices as Notified and the E-Plan.
    • Reserves and Recreation – Walking and Cycling, Camping, Parks and Reserves, Facilities and Attractions, Dog Exercise Areas, Public toilets, Playgrounds and Esplanade Reserves.
    • Transport – Blenheim and CBD Parking, Blenheim Bus Services, Speed Limits and Bike/Walk Crash or Near Miss Reports.

    There is also an extensive range of information and tools available on Council’s website covering general information about Marlborough and Marlborough District Council functions and duties, services and programmes. Links to information are provided under the following subject areas:

  • Council also holds information that is not made available to the public.

    It is able to do this under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (LGOIMA). Sections 6 and 7 of the LGOIMA set out the reasons for when information can be withheld. Reasons include but are not limited to privacy, cultural sensitivity, maintaining legal privilege and Council maintaining commercial activity.

    An official information request can be made to Council to access the withheld information. Council will endeavour to make a decision about the request as soon as practicable and within 20 working days. More complex requests may require a longer timeframe in which to provide a response.

    Follow this link to the page on Councils website about Official Information requests under LGOIMA:

    Go to Official Information requests

  • You can find Property Title Information and Record of Title by visiting the Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) website.

    Go to the LINZ website

  • A Land Information Memorandum (LIM) is a report prepared by Marlborough District Council on request. A LIM provides information that Council holds in relation to the property - the subject of the LIM request. It covers, but is not limited to, information on features of the land, infrastructure services, drinking water supply, rating information, consents, certificates and notices, etc. It is a snapshot in time in that the information included in the LIM is current as of the day of issue.

    Council recommends that you do not rely on a LIM issued to another party.

    Section 44A of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 sets out the range of information included in a LIM.

    Visit Section 44A of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act

    Anyone can apply for a LIM, for example a person involved in a property transaction may choose to request a LIM as part of their process.

    For more information on LIMs, go to Council’s webpage where you can download a LIM application form and fees.

    You may expect a LIM to be issued within 10 working days.

    Go to more information on LIMs