Fees - Resource Consents


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Fees - Resource Consents

Fee Table: Resource Consents


Information about Council's invoicing policy is given to clients when their application is acknowledged as accepted (or otherwise). Applicants should also refer to the Marlborough District Council Charging Policy - Resource Management Act, for an explanation as to the structure of costs for a resource consent application.

Council will charge interest on overdue invoices at 15% per annum from the date of issue to the date of payment. In the event of non-payment the applicant and/or the agent will be liable for all legal and other costs of recovery.

The fixed initial application fees listed in the schedule are minimum charges for the resource consent applications and are charges “fixed” under Section 36 (1) of the Resource Management Act 1991 (they are therefore not subject to objection rights). All consent processing charges, which exceed the fixed initial application fee are considered to be additional charges pursuant to Section 36 (3) of the Resource Management Act 1991 and these may be charged on a monthly basis or invoiced at the end of the consenting process.

The final cost of processing each resource consent application will be based on actual and reasonable costs, and will include the charging of staff time at the rates in the schedule of fees for staff hourly processing rates and disbursements. Where charges are lower than the original application fee paid a refund will be made. Failure to pay at any stage will result in Council stopping the process until the charges are paid.

Charge type Charge Type (Fees are GST inclusive)
Minor resource consentsCharge
Bore construction -
Domestic Flat $340.00
Irrigation Flat $685.00
Notified resource consentsCharge
All applications (including subdivisions) Base* $5,790.00
Section 127, 128 Base* $5,790.00
Non-notified resource consentsCharge
All applications but excluding subdivisions Base* $1,014.00
Subdivisions (note: engineering charges are additional**) Base* $1,500.00
Miscellaneous consents, certificate and permissionsCharge
Registration service for lodgement of change/cancellation of consent notice Flat $892.00
Sections 124,125, 126,127,139, 139A, 221 Base* $1,014.00
Land Registry compliance (certificates, consents) Flat $335.00
Removal of building line restriction Flat $335.00
Section 348 LGA Right of Way applications Base* $1,014.00
Deemed permitted boundary activity (refunded if application is rejected, minus the rejection charge) Flat $700.00
Rejected deemed permitted boundary activity application Flat $76.00
Surcharge - receiving hard copy applications Flat $76.00
Transfers Charge
Water (excluding s136 (2)(b)(ii) transfers), Coastal (Marine Farm) Flat $345.00
Coastal, (other), discharge, land use Flat $112.00
Water under s136(2)(b)(ii) Base* $1,014.00
Sections 223, 224 - approval or deposit of survey plans Charge
Four lots or less (each stage) Actual Actual
Five or more lots (each stage) Actual Actual
Outline plan approvals, policy statements, plan changes and requirements Charge
Section 176A Approval for Outline Plan Base* $1,014.00
Outline plan waiver Flat $112.00
Notice of requirements or alterations to designationsCharge
Non Notified Base* $1,440.00
Notified Base* $5,790.00
Statements and miscellaneous certificatesCharge
Provide required documentation Base* $345.00
Site inspectionCharge
Disbursements, e.g. boat hire Actual Actual
Engineering charges - subdivision and land use**Charge
Engineering -
Evaluations for - one to three lots Flat $593.00
Evaluations for - four to 10 lots Flat $1,737.00
Evaluations for - 11 to 20 lots Flat $2,586.00
Evaluations for - 20+ lots Flat $4,056.00
Engineering evaluation for each additional dwelling (land use consent) Flat $390.00
Other rates and chargesCharge
Hearings Committee or Commissioner [Local Government (Local Authorities Salaries and Allowances) Determination 2001] Variable Variable
Hearing cancellation fee Flat $2,271.00
Senior Environmental Planner, Environmental Planner Per hour $155.00
Hearings Facilitator Per hour $155.00
Administration Officer Per hour $103.00
Lead Senior Environmental Planner / Resource Consents Manager Per hour $185.00
Consultants (internal or external charges) Variable Variable
Certificate (Overseas Investment Act 1973)
Up to 1/2 hour (base*) $93.00
Up to 1 hour (base*) $187.00

*Base fee is an application fee or notification lodgement fee only.
Refer to the 'Marlborough District Council Charging Policy - Resource Management Act'

** Engineering charges are additional to the base charge.
Refer to the 'Marlborough District Council Charging Policy - Resource Management Act'