Resource Consents Received 30 November 2021 - 6 December 2021


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Resource Consents Received 30 November 2021 - 6 December 2021

Application Id Applicant Site Address Proposal Date Received
211011 Glaxstar Holdings Limited 108 and 110 Guernsey Road The Applicant seeks resource consent for the following:

• Subdivision Consent to undertake a boundary adjustment to replace Lots 11 and 12 DP 10345 with:

- Proposed Lot 1 with an area of 10.08 ha

- Proposed Lot 2 with an area of 11.53 ha.

• Land use consent to undertake a subdivision on a HAIL site being; Lots 11 and 12 DP 10345.
3 Dec 2021
211000 Jason Anderson 11 Mitchell Street The proposal is to subdivide the site into two residential lots.


The subdivision layout shown on the Scheme Plans:

- Lot 1 is a front lot with a net site area of 405m² (420m² including access). It contains the existing dwelling which is to be modified to remove a small part of the eave on the north-western corner of the dwelling, and a back porch on the south side of the dwelling which would otherwise cross the new boundaries. Access to Lot 1 is to be from a new vehicle crossing to be constructed near the north-east corner of the site. Lot 1 is to be subject to a narrow right of way (ROW) along the western side of the dwelling (discussed below in relation to access).

- Lot 2 is a rear lot with a net site area of 400m² (485m² including access). It has a leg-in from the road and will use the narrow ROW over Lot 1. It is a future development lot and will contain only the existing garage.

Building Sites

Lot 1 contains the existing dwelling.

Lot 2 easily accommodates a 15m diameter circle building platform.


Lot 1 will have access from its road frontage, from a new vehicle crossing to be constructed in the location shown on the Scheme Plan.

Lot 2 will use the existing vehicle crossing, its leg-in and the ROW over Lot 2.

The site has been surveyed, and the corner of the eave on the western side of the dwelling will be slightly over the 3m wide access required for Lot 2. Therefore, part of the eave on the western corner of the house will be removed. In addition, a narrow ROW is to be created over the driveway area near the western side of the dwelling, so that the western side of the dwelling will meet fire-rating requirements (Refer scheme plans)


The full range of reticulated services will be provided to both lots. Please refer to the attached approvals from service providers.


All necessary access and services easements will be created at the time of survey. Refer Scheme Plans.

Existing Buildings and New Boundaries

As above, the existing dwelling is to be modified as part of the proposal. The modified dwelling will be within the new Lot 1 boundaries, but will require authorisation for non-compliances with some permitted standards for:

- An encroachment into the recession plane on southern boundary of Lot 1

- An encroachment into the recession plane and the 1m setback from the inner ROW boundary

The siting of the dwelling within Lot 1 will provide a 70m² ‘outdoor amenity area' that can accommodate a 5m diameter circle (to meet UR2 permitted standards in this regard).

The garage on Lot 2 is not near any proposed new boundaries.
30 Nov 2021
211005 Marisco Properties Limited 1242 Waihopai Valley Road To extract up to 59,250 cubic metres of aggregate from the Waihopai River.

To undertake works to reinstate land lost in the July 2021 flood event.
1 Dec 2021
211015 Anthony Dixon Burgess 14 Kakapo Rise The applicant seeks land use consent to undertake earthworks and construct a dwelling that intrudes into recession planes and breaches outdoor amenity standards as a discretionary activity.
6 Dec 2021
190629.127.01 Awatere River Wine Company Limited 146 Ugbrooke Road Condition 2 (f) of U190629.2 currently reads:

"PH, Nitrogen and BOD shall be recorded daily and shall not exceed the requirements of the Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan or the SWNZ guidelines."

The applicants request that this condition be amended as follows:

"PH shall be recorded daily and shall not exceed the requirements of the Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan or the SWNZ guidelines: and

Nitrogen and BOD shall be recorded monthly during vintage and once out of vintage (total of 4 recordings annually) and shall not exceed the requirements of the Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan or the SWNZ guidelines."
2 Dec 2021
211009 Parminder Singh Chahal 2 Glendale Place To subdivide Lot 6 DP 3051 to create 2 fee simple residential allotments (none additional).
2 Dec 2021
211008 Spring Creek Vines Limited 2112 SH 1 Retrospective Resource Consent to authorise the following activities:

- For a jetty and a set of steps that have been built into the bank of Spring Creek located on Lot 12 DP 483.

- For the placement of quarried rock located on the bank of Spring Creek located on Lot 12 DP 483
2 Dec 2021
210999 Clifford Road Limited 221 Middle Renwick Road Subdivision Layout

As shown on the attached Scheme Plans, this proposal is to exchange two areas of 1999 sqm between the properties. The proposal begins and finishes with two titles of the same land areas as it starts with.

The areas being exchanged are:

- Lot 1 - a 1999 sqm, 20m wide strip from Lot 2 DP 304122 between SH6 and eastern end of the vineyard on Lot 2 DP 955, and

- Lot 3 – a 1999 sqm, 25m wide strip from Lot 2 DP 955 on southern side of Lot 2 DP 304127.

The balance areas from the original titles are:

- Lot 2 – a front lot of 7841 sqm being the balance of Lot 2 DP 304122 which contains the dwelling.

- Lot 4 – a front lot of 6 ha being the balance of Lot 2 DP 955 which contains the dwelling, shed and most of the vineyard.

Relevant lots are held together by amalgamation in two new titles for:

- Lots 2 & 3 – with combined area of approximately 9842 sqm

- Lots 1 & 4 – with a combined area of approximately 6.1995 ha

The proposed amalgamations are:

- Lot 3 is to be transferred to the owner of Lot 2 and amalgamated so that one title issues for both lots - under section 220(1)(b)(i) of the RMA.

- Lot 1 is to be transferred to the owner of Lot 4 and amalgamated so that one title issues for both lots - under section 220(1)(b)(i) of the RMA.


Lots 2 & 3 – Access remains from the existing shared crossing place from the Westwood roundabout (for Lot 2 DP 304127 and Lot 1 304127). Use of this existing shared access is unchanged as regards access location, formation standard, and number of vehicle movements.

The maintain legal access to Lots 2 & 3 from the shared access after the boundary adjustment a new ROW easement will be created over the existing (metalled) access that crosses Lot 1. This access is in good condition and no physical work is proposed. The existing reciprocal ROW easement for Lot 1 DP 304127 will also remain in place. (Refer Scheme Plans)

The existing access is a concrete vehicle crossing approximately 10m wide at the edge of seal and 5m wide at the property boundary. Photos are attached.

Lot 1 & 4 – Legal and physical access to Lots 1 & 4 continues from the existing crossing place 85m west of the Westwood roundabout. This crossing is sealed and in good condition.

The main effect is that Proposed Lots 1 & 4 will have the option of access to the roundabout in addition to the existing access for Lot 2 DP 955 (discussed below in the AEE).

Building Sites and Services

Lots 1 & 4 – The existing dwelling is at the western end of the property services to this dwelling are not affected by the proposal.

Lots 2 & 3 – Services for this dwelling are also unaffected by the proposal. Electrical and telecommunications are underground from the north-east corner of the site. Water is from roof supply, and on-site wastewater disposal and stormwater disposal are in place and are within the new allotment boundaries.


No new services easements are necessary. But a new ROW easement will be created as discussed above. (We note that, as the existing services for Lot 2 & 3 are unaffected by the proposal, no extension of the existing appurtenant water and electricity easement is needed).
30 Nov 2021
210292.136.01 Rimapere Vineyards Limited 256 Rapaura Road To transfer the water take from well P28w/0360 to well P28w/4036 (consent U 210292) That permits a take upto 12,658m3 per year from well P28w/0360 to irrgate 9.28 ha of grapes. When the consent U210292 was loged the wrong well was used P28w/0360 does not exist.
6 Dec 2021
211012 Graeme Edwin Holdaway 28 Burden Street Construction of garage/workshop on rear of property. Recession plane encroachment on west boundary, Howick Road. Possible minor recession plane encroachment on east boundary Burden Street.
3 Dec 2021
211006 Parsons Road Vineyard Limited 3103 SH 63 Right of Way over Lot 1 DP 6411 to allow additional legal width of existing right of way
1 Dec 2021
211007 Godfrey John Checkley 35 Welds Hill Road To abstract & use B Class Awatere River FMU water for irrigation and ancillary uses.
2 Dec 2021
210994 Riverlands Roadhouse Limited 3535 State Highway 1 To build a 40m x 24m canopy onto the existing freight distribution complex presently operated by Sollys Freight, being an extension of consent U200900

To establish a food delivery depot including erecting a 104m² building.

To establish a container storage area on an area of approx 2500m²
30 Nov 2021
210990 Arboleda Investments Ltd 3A Lee Street To subdivide Lot 25 DP 341 to create two residential allotments (one additional).
1 Dec 2021
211003 Delegat Ltd 4675 State Highway 63 The installation and operation of fifty-two (52) Frost Boss C49 Frost Fans and two (2) FrostBoss C59 Frost Fans at 4675 and 4838 State Highway 63, Blenheim. (Lot 1, DP 545871, and Lot 1 DP 7171)
1 Dec 2021
211013 Richard Guy Alderlieste, Cheryl Ivy Alderlieste 49B Colemans Road We are extending the first floor over the existing single story garage. This extension breaks the south boundary recession plane.
3 Dec 2021
210993 Maurice Charles Horne, Adrienne Denise Horne 53 Dillons Point Road The applicant seeks land use consent to build a garage at the front of the property as a discretionary activity.
30 Nov 2021
211004 Andrew James King, Sandra Ann King 6880 and 6882 Kenepuru Road The resource consent for the current wastewater disposal system (U060247) expired on 01 April 2021. The applicants seek a new resource consent to continue to discharge wastewater to land using the existing system.
1 Dec 2021
210997 Bruce & Janet Lintern 70 Moenui Road The applicant is in the process of undertaking renovations to their dwelling on the property.

The applicant is applying for land-use activity consents for the following activities:

- Locate upgraded dwelling within the 8 metre front yard, fronting DOC esplanade reserve;

- Obtain a 100% front yard dispensation to site new deck and a set of replacement steps infront of the dwelling that also encroaches into DOC esplanade reserve land adjacent

- Minor encroachment of recession planes on eastern and southern boundary's; and

- Regularise a set of existing timber steps running through the property to the bay below.

Refer Architect Plans attached.

30 Nov 2021
210995 Sarahlee Monica Smith, Nigel James Smith Aratawa Bay New coastal permit replacing U120431 for an existing mooring M3882 in Aratawa Bay.
30 Nov 2021
211002 Craig and Rowena Francis Douglas, Richard Vaughan Smith Blackwood Bay / Tahuahua Bay The Applicants seek resource consent for the following activities:

• To occupy Section 40 SO 4388 (Sounds Foreshore Reserve) with 77 m2 of partial dwelling and decking area.

• For an existing dwelling and associated decking on Lot 9A DP 1075 and Section 40 SO 4388 to be located within 28 m of the Coastal Marine Zone.

• For an existing dwelling and associated decking on Lot 9A DP 1075 to be located within 8 m of front and side boundaries.
1 Dec 2021
211010 Glenlea Limited Blind River Loop Rd Periodic clearance of aquatic weed in Hog Swamp Creek.
3 Dec 2021
061312.127.01 Daniel Laurence Tait-Jamieson, Anna Marisa Tait-Jamieson, David Peter Shillson Hitaua Bay 5.55 metres extension to jetty length
1 Dec 2021
150052.127.01 Robert Purdue, Owen Blockley, Roberta George Honeymoon Bay Change mooring M948 to 12 metres (vessel size). I understand the block and chain will remain the same. My understanding is that the other moorings in the bay will be unaffected by this change.
6 Dec 2021
210998 OneFortyOne New Zealand Limited Manuka Island Forest Please see attached application for details.
30 Nov 2021
210996 David William Richard Dew Oyster Bay New coastal permit for a new mooring in Oyster Bay, Port Underwood.
30 Nov 2021
211001 Two Degrees Networks Limited Road Reserve opposite 43 Beach Road, Install telecommunications facility (see application)
1 Dec 2021
210266.127.01 Marlborough Kaikoura Trail Trust State Highway 1 Wairau Bridge Condition 1 of U210266.01; U210266.05 should be varied to refer to this s127 variation and should read:

The activity shall be in general accordance with resource consent application U210266 received by Council on 13 April and the further information provided on the 28 April 2021, except as modified by the variation application received by Council on 29 November 2021.
30 Nov 2021
140250.127.01 Goulding Trustees Limited Waitata Bay This application is to add species to the list of species that can be farmed. The current species are Greenshell mussels (Perna canaliculus), Blue shell mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis), dredge oysters (Tiostrea chilensis) and scallop (Pectin novaezelandiae)

The proposed new species are:

- Asparagopsis armata

- Ecklonia radiata

- Pyropia spp (including Karengo)

- Macrocystis pyrifera

- Gracilaria chilensis

- Lessonia variegate

- Ulva spp.

- Pterocladia lucida

- Agarophyton chilense

- Porphyra spp

- Durvillea spp

- Undaria pinnatifida (harvest only)

The seaweed species are grown in a similar manner to the mussels and seaweed which are currently grown at this location, i.e. grown on suspended ropes. The structures will not change from the currently consented activity.
6 Dec 2021