Town Branch Drain and Snowdens Basin Upgrades


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Town Branch Drain and Snowdens Basin Upgrades

The objective of the Town Branch Drain and Snowdens Basin project is to upgrade the Redwood Street and Town Branch Drain stormwater network to increase the outfall capacity of the network to reduce flooding vulnerability and flood impacts, and to enable subdivision of undeveloped residential zoned land.

The Redwood Street and Town Branch Drain stormwater systems remove stormwater from 280 hectares of southern and eastern Blenheim, representing approximately 25% of the Blenheim urban stormwater area.

The upgrade works need to ensure that the drainage function of the Town Branch Drain network is improved (through additional capacity, storage, and pumping), while also ensuring that cultural, recreational, ecological, landscape and heritage values are taken into consideration. Therefore, wherever possible, the waterway area has been increased by widening the channel which increases the capacity of the waterway and enables a ‘naturalised’ bank profile (rather than hard engineering structures).


Marlborough District Council project manager Hai Trieu
Ph: 03 520 7400

Consultant (Beca) project engineer Amber Murphy
Ph: 03 374 3717

Consultant (Beca) planner consultation lead Paul Whyte
Ph: 03 374 3180


The consultation details document below gives in depth details of the project.

Attachment 1 - Design Philosophy gives details of the design philosophy.

Attachment 2 - Draft Preliminary Design plans give more detail on the proposed works.