COVID-19 Orange level information

Marlborough is at the Orange level of the COVID-19 Protection Framework (the traffic light system). See information relating to Council services under this alert level.

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Floodwatch is an informative, easy-to-use tool to help you judge if there is a flood risk in your area. The Floodwatch map displays current rainfall, river flow and river level data from monitoring sites around Marlborough.

The Floodwatch graphs for these sites show both current data and flooding thresholds, with descriptions of what these thresholds mean, for example, at what levels particular roads might be closed or land flooded.

This means you’ll be able to compare current river levels and flows with these thresholds to get a clear idea how an event may affect you.

The graphs are designed with a fixed scale that works best during high flows and flood flows, so when flows are normal the graphs will seem very flat.

Once you open Floodwatch, the Floodwatch Help page provides information on how to use the map and graphs.

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