Wairau River Gravel Extraction Policies


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Wairau River Gravel Extraction Policies

Council's gravel extraction policies best manage its flood control objectives and maintain a supply of gravel to construction industries. A mix of regulatory and pricing tools has been adopted.

The latest review of the policies was in 2017 with changes to allocation and charges effective from 1 July 2017.

To extract gravel you require a permit. Please contact Jan Dimmendaal for permit information:

Ph: 03 520 7400

Email: jan.dimmendaal@marlborough.govt.nz

The Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan enables Council to extract gravel in a Floodway Zone (see maps below), to facilitate carrying out its river control and drainage functions.

The Assets and Services Department operates a gravel permit system which enables third parties to extract gravel on behalf of the Council. Permits are granted subject to conditions, including relevant standards in the Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan and in accordance with the Marlborough Rivers Gravel Extraction Strategy. Please contact Gavin Cooper for permit information, Ph: 03 520 7400.

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