Dairy and the Environment


Marlborough is at Orange

Marlborough is at Orange level of the Covid-19 Protection Framework (the traffic light system).

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Dairy and the Environment

Marlborough has a relatively small dairy industry in comparison to other areas. However, this industry could still have a negative impact on water quality if environmental issues are not appropriately managed.

To promote good dairy effluent management, Marlborough District Council carries out an annual Dairy Effluent Survey Report on all farms in Marlborough.

Dairy effluent discharge

In the Wairau/Awatere Resource Management Plan resource consent is required to discharge dairy effluent.

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In the Marlborough Sounds Resource Management Plan Volume 2 (ref Dairy Effluent Disposal Chapter the discharge is permitted.

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Constructing of bridges and culverts

Another issue in the dairy industry is the impact of dairy herds walking through waterways. Marlborough farmers have responded to this issue by eliminating some stream crossing sites by construction of bridges and culverts.

Often the construction of these structures requires a resource consent. To keep the resource consent process as simple as possible, Council has prepared easy-to-use resource consent guidelines. The guidelines vary depending on the area in which you are located. Below are guidelines for areas under the jurisdiction of the Marlborough Sounds Resource Management Plan and the proposed Wairau/Awatere Resource Management Plan.

To make an application for a resource consent you will need to complete one of the below guidelines as well as a standard resource consent application form.

Resource consent application form