Swimming and Spa Pools


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Swimming and Spa Pools

Floating aid in swimming pool.

It is a great pleasure owning a swimming pool or spa pool. They provide wonderful family fun, however, ownership of a pool brings with it responsibility for the safety and health of all pool users and the community at large.

All in ground and above ground swimming pools with sides less than 1.2m high need a complying fence/barrier. The pool fence/barrier must comply with F9 of the New Zealand Building Code. Once the compliant pool fence/barrier is in place it is extremely important to keep it well maintained. Pool fence/barrier details are included in the pool booklet attached to this site.

Spa pools, small heated pools and hot tubs, can be fun, however under F9 a Spa pool, small heated pool or hot tub with a lockable cover is exempt from requiring a pool fence/barrier under certain circumstances. There are conditions to this exemption which are set out in F9. Under F9 a spa pool, small heated pool or hot tub must have a water surface area no greater than 5 square metres. Any greater area of water, the spa pool, small heated pool or hot tub is considered to be a normal pool.

The water itself can also be a hazard. The water should be regularly tested and treated with the appropriate pool chemicals. Remember to lock away those chemicals after use as they too are potentially dangerous.

If you want to build a new swimming pool or alter an existing pool fence/barrier, then a building consent will be required in most circumstances.

For more in depth pool fence information:

Go to the Ministry of Business, Innovations and Employment (MBIE) web site (F9)

Important Note: All pools must be registered with the Marlborough District Council.

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