Swimming and Spa Pools

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Swimming and Spa Pools

Floating aid in swimming pool.

It can be a great pleasure to own a swimming pool or spa pool, but ownership of a pool brings with it responsibility for the safety and health of all pool users and the community at large. Unfortunately, children do drown in home pools and tragically they are often children from the house, close relations, or neighbours’ children.

Fencing that complies with legislation is required around all pools to protect all people, but especially children, from accidental drowning. It is also important that fencing be maintained regularly so its safety can be assured.

The rules for fencing are set out in the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987 and guidance information on pool fencing, and gates, is listed in the Swimming Pool Fencing Requirements brochure below.

Spa pools can be dangerous as well and should be fenced like any other pool. However, here in Marlborough it is possible to apply for an exemption to the fencing requirements if the pool has a lockable cover that is kept locked at all times the pool is not in use.

The water itself can also be a hazard. It should be regularly tested and treated with appropriate pool chemicals. Remember to lock away chemicals as they too can be dangerous.

If you want to build a new swimming pool or alter existing pool fencing, then a building consent will be required for most pools.

All pools including spa pools must be registered with Marlborough District Council

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