Sewerage Systems

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Sewerage Systems


Area served

Sewage treatment

Blenheim Blenheim, Renwick, Riverlands Industrial Estate, St Andrews, Marlborough Ridge, Spring Creek and Grovetown Screen and oxidation ponds at Hardings Road
Havelock Havelock township Oxidation pond
Picton Picton and Waikawa townships Extended aeration, clarification and UV disinfection
Seddon Seddon township Oxidation ponds

The following link accesses a map showing the locations of sewer systems.

There is also a waste dumping station at the Havelock Marina fuelling berth. This is operated by Port Marlborough. Please contact them if you need more information.

Go to Port Marlborough website

Guidelines for E-one Grinder Pumps

Some properties in Grovetown, St Andrews, and parts of Blenheim have an E-one on-site pumped sewer system, directing waste to the Blenheim sewer. Many of these pumps are maintained by Council (by way of a licence agreement with the property owner).