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Marlborough District Council Bylaws

  • Bylaws 2017 - Proposed

    Council has reviewed its general bylaws. Copies of the statement of Proposal and the proposed bylaws are available on this page.

  • MDC General Bylaw Submissions

    Council has reviewed its general bylaws.

  • Chapter 1 - Introductory

    This is a general-type bylaw covering interpretations of terms, various delegations, serving of orders and notices, licences, offences, breaches and penalties and various repeals of old bylaws.

  • Chapter 2 - Public Places

    A bylaw about controls on and within public places and specifically the use of motor vehicles, playing of games, camping grounds, prohibitions, wharves and the control and licensing of traders.

  • Chapter 3 - Traffic

    This is a bylaw that covers controls related to vehicles, stands on streets, road restrictions, parking in carparks and on roads.

  • Chapter 4 - Dog Control

    This is a bylaw that sets controls for dogs including leashing, exercising, licensing and other controls when on public places.

  • Chapter 5 - Nuisances

    This is a bylaw that sets controls related to sewerage and refuse, removal of refuse, landfill controls and nuisances in general including those generated by burning.

  • Chapter 6 - Cemeteries

    This is a bylaw that sets controls for cemeteries within the Marlborough district.

  • Chapter 7 - Keeping of Animals, Poultry and Bees

    This is a bylaw that sets controls for the keeping of animals, poultry and bees within the Marlborough district.

  • Chapter 8 - Fire Prevention

    A bylaw providing for controls on removal of vegetation and fire prevention within urban fire service districts that are not covered by the Forest and Rural Fires Act 1977 of the Marlborough district.

  • Freedom Camping Bylaw 2012

    The Marlborough District Council Freedom Camping Bylaw 2012 relates to freedom camping on land administered by Council in the Marlborough district.

  • Marlborough District Council Liquor Ban Bylaw 2011

    A bylaw to control the consumption of alcohol in those public places where Council is concerned the possession of liquor in the public place may result in disorderly behaviour and criminal offending.

  • Mooring Management Bylaw

    This bylaw sets the Mooring Management of boat moorings to ensure the safe and efficient use of the water space by mooring owners and other users of the bay.

  • Navigation Bylaw 2009 and Navigation (Vessel Speed) Bylaw 2009

    These bylaws are the most appropriate method to ensure appropriate behaviour and address potential risks within Marlborough’s waterways.

  • Speed Limit Bylaw 2014

    This bylaw applies to all roads under the care, control or management of Marlborough District Council for which it has bylaw-making powers.

  • Tradewaste Bylaw 2011

    This bylaw sets standards for tradewaste and determines how tradewaste may be accepted into the public wastewater system.