Proposed Dog Control Policy and Bylaw Review

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Proposed Dog Control Policy and Bylaw Review

The special consultative procedure gives the public an opportunity to make submissions and provide feedback on the proposed Dog Control Policy and Bylaw.

Council is proposing the following changes to the Dog Control Policy and Bylaw:

  • It is proposed to include all new reserves that have been developed since the previous review was undertaken.
  • It is proposed to change the Blenheim Central Business District from the current Bylaw that prohibits dogs to allow dogs on-leash.
  • It is proposed to change dog access near playgrounds. The current Bylaw provides that dogs are not permitted within 3 metres of any playground and this restriction is considered inadequate. It is proposed that the restriction should be increased to 10 metres.
  • It is proposed to prohibit dogs from Pollard Park and Ward Beach.

Details of the proposed dog access to public places are contained in the Schedules attached to the draft Policy and Bylaw. Some changes have been proposed from current off-leash dog areas to propose on-leash areas in response to conflict with users from uncontrolled dogs and issues with dog fouling.

Statement of Proposal

Proposed Dog Control Bylaw 2020

Proposed Dog Control Policy 2020

Supplementary Information

Use the comparison map to compare the current and proposed rules for different areas.

Comparison map - see and compare the proposed changes on a map


Please complete either the online submission form on this page, or, alternatively, PDF submission forms are available from Council's offices.

Submissions are available for viewing in the submissions database.

Go to Proposed Dog Control Policy and Bylaw Review submissions database

Submissions close 5.00 pm Monday 9 November.