Proposed Speed Limit Bylaw 2020 (Local Roads)

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Proposed Speed Limit Bylaw 2020 (Local Roads)

Local Road Speed Limits Bylaw Review 2020

A review of the Local Road Speed Limits Bylaw is underway and Council wants your feedback on the top 10 per cent of our region’s local roads that will benefit the most from speed limit changes.

Blenheim roads that feature in this review include Alabama Road East, School Road, Dry Hills Lane, Old Renwick Road, Blicks Lane, Rene Street, Thomsons Ford Road, Rose Manor Drive, Rembrandt Drive, Spencer Place, Battys Road, David Street, Beaver Road, Hutcheson Street, Seymour Street and Alfred Street.

In Picton, roads under review include London Quay, High Street, Wellington Street and Endeavour Lane. In Tuamarina, Hunter Road, Blind Creek Road, Campbells Road and Cotterill Street are all included in the review.

Marlborough Roads has taken on board the public feedback received in recent years on all of the region’s local road speed limits. The Government recently announced new legislation that will consider speed limits for all roads in each local authority under a district-wide speed plan.

Rather than delay Marlborough’s local road speed limits bylaw review and wait for this legislation to become law, Councillors have decided to progress the review of Marlborough’s local roads where a speed limit change is considered most urgent. The remaining roads included in the 2019 public engagement will be reviewed later, under the district-wide plan.

Statement of Proposal

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Submissions closed 5.00pm Friday 25 September.

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Hearings will take place in November.