Geotechnical Reporting


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Marlborough is at Orange level of the Covid-19 Protection Framework (the traffic light system).

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Geotechnical Reporting

The objective of geo-technical reporting is the recording of the geophysical character of a site including the consequences of adverse climatic events to enable reasoned projections to be made as to possible outcomes in both undeveloped and developed states.

Council has a duty under both the Resource Management and the Building Acts to assess applications for consents pursuant to those Acts.

The geology of a particular location can be a determining factor as to the ability of a proposal to meet the needs of a proponent and discharge the obligations imposed on Council.

It is necessary therefore to set out Council’s expectations and the reliance it places on the information provided in geo-technical evaluations so that this is understood and appreciated by a Provider.

Accordingly, Objectives Policies and Methods are set out below to assist in shaping and directing an investigation as to its scale and nature, in the understanding of Council’s reliance on those investigations.

Geotechnical Reporting Requirements 2015 PDF (125 Kb)