Growing Marlborough Strategies


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Growing Marlborough Strategies

Overarching strategy

Growing Marlborough District Wide Strategy

This report provides the strategic overview of the comprehensive planning and design work undertaken for Blenheim Town Centre and the Wairau Awatere and Picton, Havelock and Inner Sounds areas. It also documents the outcomes of the Council's decision making process on the recommendations made in the three strategies (and the revision of part one of these) that collectively form the Growing Marlborough Strategy.

This strategy should be read in conjunction with the sub-strategies to gain a full picture of the proposals.


The sub-strategies contain a range of proposals, some of which were supported in the consultation for the final district-wide strategy.

Blenheim Town Centre

This strategy serves as a guide for the Council and the Blenheim community in decision making for future investment to ensure the centre makes the greatest possible contribution to our wellbeing.

Implementation of this strategy is underway and more detailed studies have taken place.

Marlborough Urban Growth and Development Strategy – Wairau/Awatere and Picton, Havelock and Inner Sounds settlements

These strategies inform Council’s Long Term Plans, Annual Plans and the Marlborough Environment Plan by simultaneously integrating their information requirements with community input. The strategy also guides investment and development decisions by other stakeholders.

The Wairau/Awatere strategy covers the settlements of Blenheim, Renwick, Wairau Valley township, Grovetown, Spring Creek, Tuamarina, Rarangi, Seddon and Ward.

The Picton, Havelock and Inner Sounds strategy covers the settlements of Picton, Waikawa, Havelock, Ngakuta Bay, Momorangi Bay, Whatamango Bay, Rai Valley township, Okiwi Bay, Canvastown, Wakamarina Valley, Anakiwa, Tirimoana, Linkwater, The Grove, Ohingaroa Bay.