Warning Signs Stolen



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Warning Signs Stolen

Theft of the flood warning signs along the flooded Taylor River reserve was a foolish act which could compromise public safety, says Council Assets and Services Committee chairman Terry Sloan.

Since the heavy rain began late last week, seven of the 18 warning signs, with chains, have been stolen.

“Two years ago Council began the practice of putting chains across the walkway entrances to the Taylor pathway after a close call with a child who was not familiar with the area. Fortunately that girl was rescued after being swept into the water. I would hate to see another incident where someone went onto the floodway because they were not familiar with the area and the safety risk when the river is up,” said Councillor Sloan.

Now the Taylor River level is dropping, the clean up is underway.

Downtown around the riverside at Raupo Café the worst of the debris is being removed and the wooden path will be waterblasted clean.

There is still a lot of surface water around and the debris will be left in piles until the ground is dry enough to take heavy vehicles to cart away the rubbish.

The Taylor Dam reserve has re-opened. There’s no damage although there’s still a bit of surface water on the grassed areas.

All roads in the district that were affected by flooding have now re-opened.


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