Earthquake damage at Blenheim’s all-weather hockey turf

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Earthquake damage at Blenheim’s all-weather hockey turf

The latest round of earthquake repairs to Marlborough amenities is underway with the synthetic hockey turf at College Park Stadium out of action for a couple of months.

An on-site survey showed that ridges had appeared in the all-weather turf as a result of the 7.8 quake in 2016. The turf now has to be rolled back so the ground movement can be assessed to establish the level of remediation needed to restore the playing surface.

The hockey turf will be closed from 14 February until the end of April when the 2018 season is due to begin.

But Hockey Marlborough spokesman Andy Rowe says things may run a little late this year.

“The first step is to lift the carpet and the asphalt beneath it and then to understand what damage has occurred. Only then will we know what’s happened and how quickly it will be possible to make the repairs. So there’s a bit of uncertainty right now but we can’t do much about that until we know what we’re dealing with.”

Council installed the synthetic surface in 2009, bringing the park up to a standard which enabled Hockey Marlborough to host an international fixture for the Black Sticks Women and Argentina in late 2015.


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