​Keep it clean Marlborough - maintain our recycling reputation

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​Keep it clean Marlborough - maintain our recycling reputation

Keep your recycling clean and rubbish free – that’s the message for Marlborough residents.

Marlborough District Council Solid Waste Manager Alec McNeil says this is the most important thing people can do to help retain our reputation for high quality recyclables.

“That message is particularly relevant now, as stockpiles build up in the wake of China’s decision to ban imports of plastic packaging and 23 other types of waste.”

“New Zealand previously sent most of its recycling to China, although Marlborough has been an exception. For many years we have exported cardboard and plastics to Indonesia, paper and glass to Auckland and metal to scrapyards in Blenheim and Christchurch.

“However with the quality acceptance rules recently tightened by China we are now seeing other countries reviewing their collection and processing operations.

“Commodity pricing for recycling materials is influenced by the supply and demand cycle. At present there is an oversupply and falling demand globally, causing the value of materials to drop. It is likely that recycling that once went to China will now be sent to India, Malaysia and Thailand,” Alec says.

As at the end of April 2018 the Marlborough Resource Centre processed 4,692 tonnes of material.

“We work hard to maintain the high quality of product we send for export. To ensure our good reputation remains intact, we must all do our bit to help. That means making sure our recycling is clean and washed with no rubbish mixed in with it,” Alec says.


The information in this media statement was correct at time of publication. Changes in circumstances after the time of publication may impact on the accuracy of the information.